Free RealFlight 7 Update J is now available!

Update J doesn't give you one chance to enjoy the legendary bush plane; it gives you two. One has landing gear; the other, floats to make takeoffs and touchdowns on water possible. RealFlight physics ensure that it handles and responds just like the actual model. Flyzone made the Beaver a Select Scale model, so it captures all the detail of the original. That includes working lights, which make it possible to fly day or night.
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Ring Race III
If you've already mastered the ins and outs of Ring Races I and II, you're ready for Ring Race III. There are more vertical sections to fly, more obstacles to overcome and some exciting new locations to explore. For instance: in five levels, the challenge is to fly up, around (and through) a flying aircraft carrier. Keeping your skills sharp has never been more enjoyable.Click image for larger version. 

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Ring Race II: Bonus flying site!
Earning a medal on Ring Race II does more than make you feel good; it unlocks two new flying sites: Sky Carrier and Sky Carrier (night!)
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New, 27K polygon capabilities for builders
This is straight from the custom content creators' wishlist. RealFlight 7 now supports aircraft and airport object models with up to 27,000 polygons. The KEMax tool set has also been updated, so you can let your imagination take flight like never before.

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