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Nitro Shortage?


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Default RE: Nitro Shortage?

Here's a story about nitro fuel.
Some time back, when I changed over to using YS engines, I became frustrated getting hold of and then paying through the nose for, Cool power 30% heli.
After some research I manage to contact an importer in Sweden and after a 30 second telephone conversation had agreed to buy his entire stock. 80 gallons... at a price 65% less than what I'd been paying.
Now that's quite a lot of fuel... the transport of which had It's own problems that I wont go into except say, if I'd been stop at the boarder control I'd have been arrested!

Ok the fuel was of course excellent and used regularly for two and a half years!!! That's quite remarkable seeing it was stored in the boxes, in the garden shed summer and winter with temps down to -15deg.
If you're impressed by that - it gets better. Recently, after a two year break... I found two cases I'd forgotten about... still stored in the shed... That's now 4.5 years of storage!
So how does it run? Absolutely perfect!!!!
If there's one engine that's fuel sensitive it's a YS. They'll tell you if you've dropped down 5% nitro!
Well, they're VERY happy. No negative feed back what so ever. The fuel looks and runs just as always.
I'm running it in F3A planes so believe me, if it was dodgy... I just wouldn't risk it.

If you think about the production time, storage, transport & distribution and the storage again... I'd guess you'd be looking at 5.5 years.
Of course we don't have the humidity problem that some of you have... still it's hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter and VERY wet in between.
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