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Why posts get deleted


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Default Why posts get deleted


I know one reason at least. I will not get into that, for now.

Moderators, I posted a comment on a certain thread here on this section today 2,5 hours ago. It got deleted within the last hour. Please explain why publicly.

Is this a forum for free speech? Is this an international forum or USA forum only?

I would like to know these things so I can adjust my thinking.
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Default RE: Why posts get deleted

Firstly, it is against the rules to make threads about moderator actions you disagree with.

Secondly, there is no free speech on this forum, or most forums, you are here as long as you abide by our rules, as you agreed when you signed up.

Thirdly, I see the post that was deleted (by another moderator), and despite the fact that moderators normally send a message to members explaining why a post was deleted, I can see why this moderator felt that none was necessary, given the scathing nature of your post aimed at another member.

If you have a problem, feel free to PM me and we can talk about it. You will find this place is very fairly moderated, as any member of the car forums will tell you, there are no favorites here, everyone is judged on their posts and theirs alone, no more no less. However, you will also find we have ZERO tolerance for those who bring their problems from other forums to ours.

I hope you find this explanation satisfactory, but if not, send me a message. Thanks
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