Looking for some input - new to the forum

I'm sketching out plans to build 6m wings for an ASW 28 fuse. Wings will be in the "18 meter" version of the full scale. Foam / sheeted / possibly glassed. I've done lots of building, so that's not a problem. The challenge right now is getting all the wing panel lengths (breaks) and the various cords and tapers in the over head view. I don't want to just eyeball it from a 5 inch three-view. Does anybody know what those dimensions are, roughly, in a 6m version of the 18m full scale? Or where I can get a good sized three-view of an 18m ASW? Later, I'll build 5m tips for a "15 meter". A point in the right direction would be just as helpful as an answer. I'm also looking at airfoils: E 203? or an HQ? - and stab volumes. Maybe someone has a 28 in this configuration? Thanks! TW