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spirit pilot 10-27-2012 05:33 PM

Turnigy motor reliablity or BOT electrify
Ive been told that the turnigy 15 motor would be a good fit for electrifying the BOT arf. Research has me questioning the reliability of this product. If anyone has information on these motors they would care to pass along it would be greatly appreciated.
Or if anyone has done this conversion, and can recommend a motor and esc that works well in this application, that would be equally appreciated.

Thanks Rich

blvdbuzzard 10-27-2012 07:11 PM

RE: Turnigy motor reliablity or BOT electrify
Well there are a lot of other motors out there.




I have a couple of these brands and they have been running very well.


LovesToSail 10-28-2012 05:05 AM

RE: Turnigy motor reliablity or BOT electrify
See how I converted my Dodgson Windsong...

Here is something that may help on page 48 of this...

Many of the inexpensive motors are made and sold by EMP... I use them exclusively - you likely will never wear one out flying sailplanes... Several years ago I had some where the windings were so loose they got hit by the motor magnet - I check them prior to use and have found none since (about 10 motors later) so maybe it was a bad day of manufacturing.

For your BOT - I would suggest EMP 3548-1100kv with 60A ESC (and 3A switching BEC - I use Hobbywing 60A ESC with BEC) and 11x6 to 12x8 prop on 3 Cell. This will not be a vertical climb but the plane will move out quickly due to high pitch speed with very good climb rate (something on the order of 1200 feet per minute to 1400 feet per minute) with 3 Cell. I would suggest a minimum of 1300mah (40C or higher, use 11x6 prop - draws 40 A peak full charge so 40A ESC that you trust would work) and 1800mah to 2200mah depending on how you need to balance the plane or for 12x8 (which will draw close to 50A).

For what it is worth - I use the combination of 3548-1100kv, 10x6 prop, 40A ESC, 3000mah 3 Cell on my old Viking (1200 sq in, 118 span, 4.5 lbs ready to fly with 3000mah 3 cell). It launches at about 1200 fpm (I have a real time altimeter but it does lag a bit on climb).

Have fun!
PS- bigger batteries oddly can reduce climb rate as they weigh more even though you typically get a little more umph from them! So it is about getting enough current out of the battery without destroying it and having enough motor time to satisfy your needs from launching. But carrying around a big battery in many cases defeats the goal of thermaling... All about balancing the two - and I have been through both extremes ;).

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