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oddy 07-31-2018 07:46 AM

PET BOTTLE - acrobatic glider
Just wanted to share with you my homemade acrobatic glider

- Fuselage made out of three 600ml PET bottles ther****rmed with heat over a solid wood mould
- Wings are 60" wingspan made out of two pieces of Foamboard glued top and bottom and shaped TLAR airfoil and covered with Kraft paper with WBPU
- Winglets made out of the key of a hotel room
- Stab and Rudder made out of styrofoam from a foamboard sheet shaped TLAR
- BOOM from a Carbon Fibre push rod from an old pattern plane
- Motor is a Turnigy 1100 KV´s with a 35 amps ESC and a 10x6 foldable prob
- Three 8g Servos / Elevator and Ailerons

Really fun to fly,


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