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Semi Newb Heli advice.


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Default Semi Newb Heli advice.


I am a car nut and have been doing that for about a year. But I want to get back to Helis

It all started when I got a Raptor .30 V1 on ebay. I didnt know what I was doing and ended up with it. I was into planes and trying to get that in the air (which I never did). I had bought a DX7 airplane radio, and then got the raptor and was just going to use the DX7 until I could get something better for helis.

Well I never got anything in the air. I got tired of spending money and not flying.

But In the process I did get a simulator, and got pretty good at flying a collective trainer on it. It was the Great Planes Sim.

I also had a Blade mCX that I had alot of fun with. I had it binded with my DX7. I learned some forward flight and got pretty good at landings. I was also getting to where I had good control of the Sim with the collective heli where I could get some forward flight going. But then my five year old broke the usb plug and I never messed with it again.

All of that was about three or four years ago.

I still have the DX7 and the raptor .30. I also still have the servos that came with the radio as well as some futaba servos that came with the raptor(which I used with the specktrum reciever). The engine in the raptor is an OS .30 that is not even broken in yet. The raptor also has a futaba 401 gyro with whatever servo was with it in a package deal. The servo was supposed to be a good match with the gyro. It wasnt some package off ebay or a personal seller, I think it was a package from Horizon.

So awhile back my friend comes over with all his stuff and got me wanting to get back into it. I want to go collective but I also know of the learning curve involved with helis. Now that the raptor is so old I am afraid of crashing it and having to replace the parts that wont fit from a v2. Converting to a V2 is almost pointless due to cost. I had thought of doing some kind of brushless conversion.

But I gotta get something in the air to learn to fly collective first!

So I have been strongly wanting the Blade mCP X.

I figured if I could fly that I could later fly my raptor some, or get another larger heli if I stick with it.

Does anybody with my experience think the mCP X would be to much to handle? Main thing I am looking at with this one is the cost of course, the fact that I dont have large flying areas close by, and that the closest hobby shop carries them.

I dont want to spend money on another sim. I dont think they are good to learn on for the same reasons that others think this. It just seems as though the simulator takes away an important fact. The fact that it actually breaks if you crash! That would keep me more on my toes when flying.

Thanks for the help, and plan on hearing some more of me in the future!

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Default RE: Semi Newb Heli advice.

From what Ihear the mCPX is very durable...similar to the mSR. If that's the case....You could get the mCPX and learn on it. But...you are going to crash. In my opinion...it does'nt matter how much " you stay on your toes" when learning to fly....you will crash anyway if your fingers don't know what to do. That's why most people will tell you to get a simulator if you plan to start off on a collective pitch heli. I do think you can learn without the SIM....but it sure would be easier with the SIM. And once you can hover...fly around some...are you going to want to get better and do loops? Fly inverted? Do some 3D? That's where the simulator REALLYhelps. Would'nt you rather learn those stunts on the SIM first before trying them with your nice expensive heli? Now to the Raptor 30.....I learned on a Raptor 50...Iput training gear on it and had it hovering in no time at all. It is alot easier I think to learn to hover on a larger heli like your Raptor. I will tell you though....I have a SIM and it helped a lot just getting that needed muscle memory in those fingers to make adjustments without thinking so much. Your reaction time is a lot quicker when you have been practicing on the SIM. Everyone has a different learning curve and budget. If that mCPX is as durable as people say...go for it!! Have fun and good luck!!
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