If anybody was a noob at RC anything, it's me. I have a background in gaming (specifically Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2). I consider myself a pretty decent pilot in those games. It makes me wonder if I can convert that into real world applications. I've been wanting to build a FPV multicopter and take a stab at my skills to see if they transition over. I've never built nor flown one before. Is it possible for me to have a collosal failure? Absolutely! I'm thinking about taking a stab at RC simulators that offer FPV RC flight for heli's or multicopters but I haven't a clue what software is out there.

I want to build a gas-electric hybrid multicopter for long-term flight. I plan on having a gas engine feed an alternator that charges the battery that powers the plane. Is it possible? Doable? I haven't a clue how to build anything like this. Are there videos out there that explain RC for dummies? I have a problem reading so when I saw the electric thing for beginners on the other forum page I just about went crazy inside my head.

I plan on buying a TAROT FY680 for my frame of my UAV but I haven't a clue what to do next. I can't stress enough about not knowing anything about this field. Which is better for steady slow professional video photography, a light or heavy UAV?

I don't want, nor am I going to pilot the UAV with those hand held transmitter things. I plan on finding (or making if I can't find one) a type of mouse-keyboard set up and feel, although I will not be having it even remotely close to that, but that kind of "feel".

I know I'm asking a lot but can anybody help me or direct me where to go?