Hello everyone, I have a Futura SuperSport with a NovaRossi 60 engine and Novarossipipe.
I am a complete novice and for love nor money I can't start this helicopter.
I bought it second-hand and it had been stored and unflown for 6 years. The engine is free with loads of compression.
I have a Enya 3 Glow plug in it and only have a 18volt Dewalt drill to try and start it.
Up until today I had been using the drill in normal mode (clockwise) to try and start it. I have now been told I need to put the drill in reverse.
So with the drill now in reverse, transmitter on, electrics on, on helicopter, glow starter attached, I spin the drill but still can't get it to start.
Does anyone have any information that would help me.