I have a copterx 450 FBL kit that I have built. I purchased the kit with a Devo 7 xmitter and 601 receiver. Included were 4 sevros and a CX-3X2000 gyro. Mechanically this seems to be a well built machine (my humble opinion). Three servos are setup in a CCPM configuration, like a real helicopter, The TR servo set up seems to be fairly simple.

I have tried setting up the 3 CCPM servos, 601 receiver and gyro using hard copy instructions, You Tube videos and the and down loaded Copterx program. I have the interface cord connecting the gyro via USB to my laptop. Following the instructions ( I think?) I have set the gyro up so it seems to respond correctly when using my computer. When the gyro is disconnected from the computer and I manually hold the helio changing the left right roll and up down pitch there is no response to the swash plate from the CCPM servos/gyro.
When I change the left right yaw the TR servo seems to properly respond.

I think I have the xmitter setup properly? With the xmitter on I get the red bind light when the receiver is powered up. There is no CCPM servo response when I move the right stick ( xmitter setup mode 2). TR servo responds to left right movements of the left stick. There is no coordinated response of the CCPM servos when CP is changed. The motor responses to throttle inputs.

I am out of airspeed, altitude and ideas... any suggestion will be appreciated.

thanks Ken