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Gyroscopes: The pro's and con's?( A rank novice perspective. )

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Default Gyroscopes: The pro's and con's?( A rank novice perspective. )

Hello! (I'm new. and a novice. so please bear with me.)

My little chappie is a Big Lama.
It's all new to me and I am still struggling with gravity, vortex induction rings and that sort of thing.. : -)

and the Lama has a "gyro" like many R/C models have, so I am lead to believe.
The Gyro keeps the thing pointing in the same direction. ( terse description )

now if I want to take advantage of "weather cocking" or whatever it's called here.
How do I override the Gyro? Manually ruddering into the airstream is just not the same.
( slip to one side hard and the air blows yer tail round and off you go.)

So far in the many hours I have been putting in on the Trex in Heli-x the one thing that baffles me is WHY
you would want a heli to continue flying "sideways" with no rudder input? It has cause me so many crashes as
I expect the plummeting ship to nose into the direction of travel, but no. The gyro keeps it falling at the same attitude.

For some quite bonkers reason I was wondering if I could just remove/disable the gyro all together...
Sure it might increase the pilot work load but that's helicopters for your right?

or maybe I am missing something.

Any info or glib comments welcome!

Anyway it is fun hovering around the lounge feeling the vortex ring state do it's magic. : - )


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Hello Bob
I don't used a heli flight sim, however, with regards to flying that T-rex in Heli-x look at the gyro setting parameters, look for ‘head-hold' and ‘rates' change to rates and you'll get the weather cocking effect your looking for.
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