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300M 10-14-2011 02:07 PM

Compatability Of coreless servo
Is a Futaba BLS 251 servo compatable with a JR8103 Tx with a Fr Sky 2.4 module and a FrSkyV8FR 2.4, channel Rx?
Before installing, I plugged this servo into this Rx into a known, working channel slot and couldn't get it to work.
I have a call into Futaba, but are out for the weekend.
I thought all servoes were compatable with JR and Futaba radios.
.......Need some imput on the subject...

BarracudaHockey 10-14-2011 05:20 PM

RE: Compatability Of coreless servo
You stumbled upon one of the few exceptions of the rule, though its fairly well spelled out by Futaba. Did you see the warning about only using that with a 611 or similar gyro?

The center pulse on the BLS 251 (and 9251 and 9256) servos is half that of a normal servo or 760us (micro seconds), the center pulse width on a normal servo is 1520us. In short, you may have (i'd say its likely) burned up a very expensive servo. If you just plugged it in for a moment you might have gotten away with it. If you played with it for a little while before you gave up on it, it's probably fried.

The only thing that servo is compatable with are gyros or flybarless unit that support short pulse servos and they should be put in short pulse mode before you connect the servo so it doesnt drive it over and burn up the motor.

300M 10-15-2011 05:58 AM

RE: Compatability Of coreless servo
BarracudaHockey, Before I bought the BLS251, I read in the Sparatan Quark manual that this was one of the servos that was
recommended. Upon this information,I purchased it. I researched Futaba and must have missed it. A very costly mistake on my part.............300M.............

300M 10-15-2011 06:08 AM

RE: Compatability Of coreless servo
Post Note:
When setting up the Quark, I did as per instructions and set the gryo for 760us@560Hz and it acknowledged same by blinking twice in the vilolet color. I sure hoe that I haven't burned up the servo........300M..............

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