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icors2 09-23-2012 04:25 PM

New to the world
So awhile back I bought some cheap helicopter from wal-mart loved it broke it and never really got back into it(mainly money issues). So I have wanted to get me and my kids into the heli world again.
The helicopter I had was an eletric one that only ran for maybe a 5 minute run time but very freken durable. With my kids also going to be piloting kinda ( a 2 and 3 year old) I wanted to get something that was going to last. It doesn't matter if I have to buy a few extra batteries and have them charged before we go out and use it or some extra gas or something. I know this is alot to ask but maybe one that is small enough for indoors and outdoors because we live in a winter area and don't want to be heading out in the snow every time I want to fly. But if somebody could direct me in the right direction of what to get thats under like 100-200 would be appreciated. And looking forward to the discussion about it. Again thanks and I hope to get me some wings sooner then later.

bigpapa1272 09-23-2012 04:41 PM

RE: New to the world
Well this not to hard to come to a resolution for.....i would look into a couple of things....if you are worried about your skills and want a total beginners heli then look at a coaxial with two blades.... the mcx2 from blade helis is very reliable and tuff.... i have crashed it alot and it just keeps going on and on....if you desire something more so you dont get bored then a mcpx by the same company would be the next step i believe....it is from all reports very durable also....parts are cheap and it can handle mild wind but at the same time can be flown in your living room.....i would also recommend a good heli radio....spektrum dx6i or above so that as you grow your radio will handle it....they are about 150 or so last time i looked and most of the blade helis will come in a version called bnf or (bind and fly). This just means that they will hook right to the radio and not require a separate reciever for each one....as far as the kids go i would for age reasons recommend something cheap and inexpensive if you really want to let them fly....who knows they might be the next alan zsabo or curtis youngblood...lol.....maybe airhogs or the like....also you and the kids can have loads of fun (especially in the winter or during bad weather ) with a simulator....i like realflight....it comes with a usb transmitter for hooking straight to your computer and graphics are really good...it goes for about 200 but you can pick it up from towerhobbies on their ezpay plan and break it in to 3 payments....anyway that is my humble opinion about it and good luck with what ever you decide....stay on the forum and when you have questions just put them out there....alot of guys on here will be glad to help....God bless and have a great day....bp

ATVAlliance 09-27-2012 12:53 PM

RE: New to the world
Unless your kids are the next Justin Jee (look up youtube videos of this kid)...I wouldnt let them attempt to fly anything more than a coaxial.

I tried to get my 5 year old (at the time) into flying a little co-axial helicopter and he quickly broke it.  Hes now almost 7 (in november) and I still dont think he has the attention span to really understand how to make the inputs.

If you want something for yourself...then look at the blade micros.  They have decent co-axial helis as well as FP (fixed pitch) and even a couple of tiny CP (collective pitch) ones.

Id start the small kiddos out on ground RC...like a rock crawler truck and let them learn how to manage a vehicles orientation by creating obstacles with pillows/cushions/etc... and have them work on their dexterity.  Thats what I am doing with my son right now and he can crawl a 1/10 scale crawler just about up the wall now.  I plan on training him to fly planes this spring and wont even think about helicopters for another year or two later.

Whatever you decide...be safe about it.


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