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So I want to Get a Heli...

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Default So I want to Get a Heli...

I would really appreciate some input here I have been out of the hobby for for about 5years and have helping some ppl work on full scale helis lately this has the bug biting me again However in the past I flew airplanes I could not afford a heli then So all in all I am new to the heli world but I have come to understand That in the past 5 years the li-po batts and other electronics have dropped in price After reading a while I seem to find the 450 size stuff is the average unit I am not looking to get into anything that is very competitive just something decent I can Have fun with

I like the 450 t-rex clone at Hobby King It states 99% of the parts are interchangeable with the Align Stuff If I need parts then I could pick them up at the LHS as well as up-grading stuff And the bird really does look well made.

The other I am looking at is the EXI 450 on xheli.com That unit looks great as well I would rather build a kit instead of a RTF unit Is this heli also a "knock off" t-rex with compatible/interchangeable parts? To me it sure looks like a t-rex...

Both look good to me for the level I am wanting to be at but what about the TX with the unit on xheli? If it is ok for now that is fine if I can get something better in the future and still bind it to the heli

I guess I am really just overwhelmed at all of the heli stuff on the market and I am learning to filter through it I could just use some help and push in the right direction

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Default RE: So I want to Get a Heli...

Just went through this myself. My son wanted to get into helis and I used to fly them years ago, Big Nitros. Did not want to get back into nitros but thought I could get him into a good heli by buying a HK 450 pro shaft driven heli and could buy align parts as I needed. Well I ordered and after 200.0 I had a heli. Put it together (per finless bob) and took it out to fly it for him the first time. Well the main gears were so warped that I had to replace them immediately with Align main gear. Ok so I spool it up and hover it and it tracks nicely. Burn through 2 batteries getting it set up. On the third flight I took it up about 8 feet in the air and the torque tube broke so it went spinning out of control into the ground. Ok so replace torque tube, main and tail blades, the fins, and canopy, and a couple of tail parts. So I get it repaired and spool it up and it flies ok. My son does some hovering and the tail holds but is a little twitchy. Adjust the gyro but still twitchy. So after about 6 batteries, and lots of adjustments and still twitching I replace the HK gyro with a futaba 401 and no more twitching. So my son new to the whole battery thing lets two of the batteries get low and they puff up very badly and are ruined. Getting tired of spending more time repairing I found him a nice used raptor 30 with few flights on it, replaced 2 linkages, had it setup in less than a day. One tank to set it up and handed it over to my son. He has flown at least a dozen tanks through it without one problem.

Did not keep receipts for it but the HK450 after repairs and additional purchases cost me nearly 365.00 (got gyro used for 85.00)

The raptor 30 cost me 260.00 with OS32, descent servos, and I got a gy401 with it. The 2 new linkages from ebay cost me 6.50 w shipping. Used the same RX from the HK450, and I had a RX battery in my shop.

yeah I have the reoccuring cost of fuel for the raptor 30 but fuel it and fly it......I will pay the cost of the fuel to avoid the headaches I felt with the HK450. It is an ok helicopter and once you start replacing parts on it with align you will end up with a great helicopter. The raptor 30 is by no means a 3d monster but my son is having fun with it and that's all that matters is having fun. He was not having fun with his HK 450 because it was not flying right, I was not having fun with it because I was tired of repairing it. The other good thing about the raptor 30 is that it can be flown in a good wind. Here is a video of my son actually doing his first hover after I got it done. Watch the exhaust as he hovers, later in the video you will see the helicopter slightly tilting into the wind. The 450 can hover in it but have been a little more challenging http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=fx8Ln9OYjms

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