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Very sad news. Helicopter kills man in Houston

Old 11-06-2003, 06:21 PM
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Default RE: Very sad news. Helicopter kills man in Houston

I have setup a Donation Fund for the Kyle family. You may visit my website and click the link to print the .pdf document. It has all the details you would need to send a check or money order to the Family.


Rick S. and I both flew every weekend with Ron and we knew him very well. The person he was helping was not a student but an experienced pilot. Or so we all were led to believe.

It was a tragedy and he's gone. There is nothing we can do to change that now. But, Ron's death serves a reminder to us all to be careful and have a healthy fear of these machines. "Kino" on RunRyder made this acrostic:

R-ead all safety guidelines
O-bserve all safety guidelines
N-ow insure nothing is broken on the heli
A-nd the battery and servo’s function properly
L-ook at the area around you
D-o your start up procedure

K-eep a safe distance
Y-ou feel every thing is ok
L-ift off

Put in your flight box and use it
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Default RE: Very sad news. Helicopter kills man in Houston

Yeah, I was in Houston this week and this has really rocked all the RC guys over there. From what I understand from those I talked to at George R Bush field, the trainee actually lifted the heli off facing towards the pilot and instructor. Instead of turning the heli away at ground level he lifted the craft up to about 5' off the ground and attempted to rotate 180 degrees and fly away, made the wrong control input and flew it right at them. The trainer turned to look away for just a second and when he looked back it was on him. Thats not gospel just some basic info I was told casually by some of his fellow flyers.

By the way heres another way to help the family. I was at Kingway Hobbyshop Thursday and the rest of his flying stuff is being cleaned up for sale, Kingsway is at Beltway 8 at Westheimer. The guys there were very respectful about what they were doing for the family, If you wanna help the family out financially go by and pick up a few items. There are several helis, radios and just tons of his gear there on sale. From what I could see if it all sells it could really help the family out quite a bit..

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