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dennisef 09-30-2012 06:20 PM

What is a basic 450 size electric?
I have been flying cp helis for a couple of years. I took a year off because I am not a good pilot and gave up. This fall I am back in training. most of the training is hover practice with an Axe cp and a Blade cp pro. I am interested in a 450 size that is very basic. I certainly do not need a 3d machine, I have no interest in flying upside down and backwards, I just would be happy with a bigger machine for outside. I have built one heli and rebuilt both of mine a couple of times due to wrecks. There must be a bigger basic machine out there somewhere. Most LHS are filled with E-flite machines, maybe because they spend the money on advertisement. So, I would be interested in suggestions. I know it woud be 6 channel and so on, probably BNF with Spektrum or such.

ATVAlliance 10-01-2012 06:42 AM

RE: What is a basic 450 size electric?
If you want BNF, then Blade might be one of your only options.  You may do some surfing of the Googles and find a company that builds up different helis that are pretty much RTF or BNF or PNP (meaning all you need to do is install your RX and battery and go fly).

Ive never bought anything "heli wise" that was over 100 size that you didnt have to put together and do all of the adjustments.  If you find you are faced with this as well...I suggest skipping the 450 size for now and go in at the 500 size or even 600.

I really do suggest the 500 though.  It really doesnt cost that much more (if you are buying a clone such as an EXI (what I own) or copter X or even whatever 500 Hobby King sells).

The replacement parts for the 500 arent that much more than the 450...and it flies so much better for a new CP flier. 

The 450 is like a hummingbird on crack!  lol  I can fly my 450, but I can fly my 500 much MUCH better.  Plus, its bigger in the air so you can see it a lot easier and fly it out a little further than a 450. 

Unless you have a very limited space to fly in...the 500 is all around the better heli to have.  And even though I have a back yard large enough to fly my 450 in...I never do because I dont want to crash into the house.  IF the heli gets out of control...it sometimes takes a few seconds to get orientation back and save a crash.  In limited space...you simply dont have 2 or 3 seconds before its going to be smashing into something.  Hopefully that something isnt you or a bystander.

Goodluck, and above all be safe!

Gregsrc52 10-24-2012 04:26 PM

RE: What is a basic 450 size electric?

I like the Blade 400 or Blade 450.  Like you noticed almost any LHS has parts to fix them and they do not cost much to repair.
If you want to buy new go with the 450,  but you can probably find 400 used for a good price.

Bigger heli's are easier to see and fly.   If you have been flying the Blade CP you are much better than most people I know who tried to learn with that one,   and you will like the 450 so much better.   

Don't be put off if the 450 heli says 3D on it, any heli can be dialed down to fly easier.   The Trex 450 is a great machine but it cost more. The Blade 450 is good and you could upgrade it to perform very near the Trex's performance.   You would probably put as much money into the Blade machine as is in the Trex from the start.   

IMO getting spare parts is more importaint so find out what your LHS sells.


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