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Hirobocool 12-08-2003 01:15 AM

Helicopteros en español
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Para los que nesecitamos hablr en español.. aqui podremos preguntar todo lo relacionado con helis.

heli143 12-08-2003 12:58 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
si tiene alguna pregunta or necesita ayuda con algo, estoy a la orden. Yo voy de vez en cuando a Miami. mi esposa tiene familia en Miami y West Palm Beach.
Pregunta... es su interes solamente en "scale" o helicopteros en general?
El mio es scale mas que nada, pero me encantan los helicopteros. Al momento estoy montando un Century Long Ranger 30 y un Huey con Excel macanicas.

hasta luego.

iflynething 12-08-2003 08:47 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Yo hablo espanol. No mucho. Como estas.........???????.......

heli143 12-08-2003 09:03 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Hola Michael,
con quien hablas, conmigo or hirobocool?

DustOffUH1 12-08-2003 10:51 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
For those of us linguisticly impaired [sm=spinnyeyes.gif] namely me. I'm interested to know what you are specificaly talking about. Obviously, I think, the guy who posted doesn't speak English, so, maybe the guy who replied or, maybe someone else could explain it to me. Was he asking what kind of scale heli's are those? Sorry, I guess I'm interested because I just can't read it. I know solamente is only,, and a couple other words. I guess I'm just curious :eek:

iflynething 12-09-2003 02:56 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Dude, dustoff, I have been taking spanish for about 1 year in high school......I don't have my books with me today for spanish, but if you give me time, I can try to translate what they said tomorrow if you would like. that is if the original people who posted don't answer before I translate. But, if you give me time then I can tell you what they said!!!!!!!!!!

heli143 12-09-2003 05:08 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Hey guys,
I'll just save Michael the trouble of dusting off his spanish books :D

Hirobocool: For those of us who need to speak in Spanish.. here we can ask about everything related to helis.
Heli143: Good Day. If you have a question or need help with something, I am here at your service. I go once in a while to Miami. My wife has family in Miami and West Palm Beach.
Question.. is your interest only in "scale" or helicopters in general?
Mine is in scale, but I love helicopters. At the moment I am building a Century Long Ranger 30 and a Huey with Excel mechanics.
Till then.
Iflynething: I speak Spanish. Not much, how are you.....????...
heli143: Hi Michael. who are speaking to, me or hirobocool?

this is an open forum, and I welcome anyone, regardless of their native tongue. If anyone needs translating, I will be more than happy. In the future, I will try to translate any question or comment before I reply and also translate my reply so everyone can participate.
Thanks dustoffUH1 for bringing this out.
Take care guys.

DustOffUH1 12-10-2003 03:44 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Thanks. Like I said I was just curious. Plus I don't like to miss out on any good advice :D I agree, its an open forum, no matter what language. If someone needs help this is the place to get it.

A320 12-10-2003 04:02 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Hola a todos, yo en este momento estoy en un projecto de un bell 222 de century, pero todo va bien espero ayudarles y tambien contribuir con algun tipo de informacion

heli143 12-16-2003 01:51 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
new post above translation:

A320: Hello to everyone. At the moment I am involved in a Century Bell 222 project. but everything is going good. I hope toalso contribute with some type of information.

heli143 12-16-2003 02:02 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Bienvenido A320. En el website www.scalerchelis.com puedes encontrar mucha information sobre projectos como el tuyo. Mira al foto gallery de Copterdoctor en el website www.runryder.com. El es experto con los Bell 222. Si necesitas alguna informacion o ayuda, me dejas saber. NOTA: El Century Long Ranger 30 necesita mucho trabajo o cambios que no se saben hasta que es muy tarde. Si alguien tiene uno, o piensan comprar un Long Ranger 30, me dejan saber para dejarles saber esos cambios y evitar un dolor de cabeza. Preguntame como lo se!!

Translation: Welcome A320. on the website www.scalerchelis.com you can find a lot of information regarding projects like yours. Look at the photo gallery of copterdoctor on www.runryder.com. he is an expert with the Bell 222. If you need any information or help, let me know. NOTE: The Century Long Ranger 30 needs a lot of work or changes that you don't know about until it is too late. If someone has one, or plans to purchase a Century Long Ranger 30, let me know so I can let you know about those changes and avoid a headache. Ask me how I know!!

Hirobocool 01-06-2004 12:07 AM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Buenas noches a todos,:D veo que fue buena idea de abrir este forun en español, ya que no muchos los que estan en rc universe no entienden muy bien el ingles. Por eso abri este forun para que realicen cualquier tipo de preguntas y expongan sus ideas;)

Como se diron cuenta a mi lo que me gusta es el vuelo a escala...ya para el mes de febrero comienzo con un proyecto de un hugues 500

Buano amigos cualquier cosa estoy a la orden..

Jose Baquero
Valencia - Venezuela

heli143 01-06-2004 01:49 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
A good night to all, :D I see it was a good idea to open this thread in Spanish, now that not many who are on Rc Universe do not understand English very well. that is why I opened this thread so they can present any type of question and share ideas.
As you have noticed, what I like is scale flying.. by February I will being a project on a Hughes 500

Well friends, for anything, I am at your service.

Jose Baquero
Valencia, Venezuela

DustOffUH1 01-06-2004 04:58 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Thanks for the translations ;) I too am building a Bell 222,, with Hawk mechanics. The mechanics are built, but now I have to paint the fuselage. I'm debating on whether or not to put in actual "screens" around the top instead of the decals. I have a light kit for it which is very cool, and set it up and drilled the holes for them. I'm taking my time with it because I want it to look really nice.

heli143 01-12-2004 12:15 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Translation above:
DustoffUH1: gracias por las traducciones. Yo tambien estoy montadno un Bell 222, con mecanicas Hawk. Las mecanicas estan terminada, ahora tengo que pintar el fuselaje. Estoy pensando si debo poner las pantallas verdaderas o no. Tengo las luzes tambien que son muy chevere, y ya echo los huecos. Estoy cjoiendo mi tiempo porque quierro que me salga muy bien.

DustoffUH1, did you fly medevac , hence your name on the forum? I used to fly OH-58s (Jet Rangers)at Fort Hood, Texas, with 6th Cavalry in the mid-70's.
Good Luck with your project.
Translation: DustoffUH1, volaba usted los helicopters de ambulancia, razon por el nombre que usa en el forum? Yo volaba los OH-58s (Jet Rangers) en Fuerte Hood, Tejas, con la unidad 6th Cavalry durante los anos 70.
Suerte con tu projecto.

DustOffUH1 01-12-2004 01:58 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
No I did not fly medivac. I used this name to Honor all of those who did back in Viet Nam. Every once in a while on Discovery wings channel they show an hour program on the DustOff medivacs. Very interesting. Those dudes went through some nasty s##t. Being fired upon, ambushed, but they never turned back until they had the soldiers they were after. Thanks to you & ALL who have served our fine country. I for one greatly appreciate it ;)

markfsanderson 01-12-2004 04:30 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español - some help!
To those whose Spanish is better than mine . . .

Here in the north side of Houston, we had a guy purchase from a hobby shop a Raptor 30. Some of the local guys got to together to help him build it, as he speaks no English and is understanding is a bit on the soft side. According to his wife, who speaks pretty good English, they have no internet connectivity and don't own a computer. He is starting to hover now, as we do have one guy out here who speaks Spanish (from San Antonio . . a real good pilot as well) who's been helping him.


1) Are there any books available in Spanish for model helis? Where can we get them?
2) Is there a site similar to the RaptorTechnique in Spanish . . I was thinking about running they annotated manual through a web based translator and let my girlfriend proofread it (she's fluent).

Thanks for your help . ..

Mark F. Sanderson

heli143 01-13-2004 12:57 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español - some help!
DustoffUH1: No, no vole helicopteros de ambulancia. Yo uso este nombre para darle honor a todos esos que si volaron en vietnam. Cada vez en cuando, en el programa Discovery wings ensenan un program de una hora de los helicopteros de ambulancia militar. muy interesante. Ellos muchahos pasaron por un mal tiempo, recibiendo fuego, asaltados, pero ellos nunca regresaron sin los soldados que fueron a buscar. Gracias a Ti y Todos que han servido nuestro tremendo pais. Yo, como uno, lo agradesco mucho.

markfsanderson: para esos quien el espanol es mejor que el mio.....
aqui, en la parte norte de Houston, tuvimos un hombre que compro un Raptor 30 de una itenda de pasatiempos. Algunos de los muchachos aqui se juntaron para ayudarlo montarlo, como el senor no habla Ingles y su entendimiento es un poco debil. segun su esposa, quien habla un buen Ingles, ellos no tienen coneccion al internet y tampoco tienen una computadora. El esta empezando a volar su helicoptero y tenemos un senor que si habla Espanol (de San antonio y buen piloto tambien) quien lo esta ayudando.
1) existen unos libros en Espanol para los helicopteros control remoto? donde podemos encontrarlos?
2) Existe una website similar a RaptorTechnique en Espanol.. estaba pensando el manual por un traductor y dejar mi novia verificarlo (ella es con soltura en espanol).
Gracias por tu ayuda.

markfsanderson 01-13-2004 01:17 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español - some help!
Thanks for the translation, hopefully we'll get a response!

Mark F. Sanderson

heli143 01-13-2004 01:21 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español - some help!
Hey Dustoff, I also appreciate our military men and women so much. most civilians do not know the sacrifice them make each and every day. I served in the US Army for 20 yrs and 21 days. while in Kuwait in 1991, I did not get involved in any direct fighting as I went into Kuwait city after the fighting stopped (could tell you what I did in the Army but then I would have to kill you :D)
received some fire, but no scratches on me. I did, however, see what was left of some of our brothers and cried for them and their families. I still hurt each time I hear we lost another one in Iraq or Afghanistan (people have forgotten about these guys).
My good friend, Mark Guidry (MGuidry on the forums) is a blackhawk test pilot and was activated last year. he flies Medevac UH-1D. I have a video of him circling and hovering over my house on his way into a landing airfield nearby. He took photos of my house from the helo and they look so cool.
Mark, I do not know of any books in Spanish regarding RC helicopters, but that sure is an idea;). My Spanish is not perfect, but I have lived in the USA more than I have in Puerto Rico (left PR when I was 10). I have also researched for heli sites in Spanish, and found a couple, but with all due respect, they are not that good. very little info on them. Let me know about translating that Raptor manual, maybe we can share the workload.

Translation above:
Mira Dustoff, yo tambien aprecio tanto a nuestros hombres y mujeres militar. muchos civiles no saben el sacraficio que ellos hacen cada dia. Yo servi en El Army americano for 20 anos y 21 dias. Cuando estaba en Kuwait en 1991, yo no participe en una batalla directa como yo entre a la Ciudad Kuwait despues que paro la batalla (te puedo decir lo que hize en el ejercito pero entonces tendra que matarte :D) Peo, si tuve que observar lo que quedaba de algunos de nuestros hermanos y llore por ellos y sus familias. Todavia me duele cuando aprendo que perdimos otro soldado en Iraq o Afghanistan (la gente se han olvidados de ellos). Mi buen amigo, Mark Guidry (MGuidry en el forum) en un piloto de las pruebas de Blackhawk y lo llamaron a servicio activo el ano pasado. el esta volando los helicopteros de ambulancia militar UH-1D. tengo video cuando el paso sobre mi casa cuando pasaba hacia un aeropuerto para aterrizar. el tomo fotos de mi casa del helicoptero ye se ven fantantisco.
Mark, yo no conozco ningunos libros de helicopteros control remoto en Espanol, pero eso es una tremenda idea;). Mi Espanol no es perfecto porque yo he vivido mas en America que en Puerto Rico (me fui de Puerto Rico a los dies anos). Yo he buscado por websites en Espanol, y encontre unos, peron sin faltar respeto, no son muy bueno. muy poco informacion. dejamoe saber si nesecitas ayuda en traduccir el manual de el Raptor. quizas podemos hacerlo juntos.

heli143 02-05-2004 12:48 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
shameless bump to bring it back to the present........

Fritz13 07-15-2004 03:08 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Que tal Hirobocool.
Como ves por aqui encontre este forum, yo soy nuevo en los helicopteros, estoy practicando con un Nexus 30, estoy interesado en un Bell 222 (30), de Century, pero por ahi he leido que cuesta bastante hacer que las llantas bajen y bueno algunas otras cosas mas como el sistema en donde estan montados los mecanics no es muy seguro y con el tiempo se suelta por lo de las vibraciones.
Me gustaria poder ponerme en contacto contigo, mi interes es mas en escala que en 3D, tambien ando mirando un Raptor 60 V2, esto seria en caso de no poder con el Bell 222.
Bueno aqui te dejo mi direccion espero tu respuesta.
Gracias. friedmang@hotmail.com

iflynething 07-16-2004 06:55 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
I understand some of that...

.....What's up Hirobocool.....something about I like this forum here....and you are new to helicopters...you are practicing with a Nexus 30 (nice heli by the way).......you're interested in a Bell 222 (30 size) from Century Helicopters.....something about cost, adn where you dont like mounted mechanics because they aren't safe...or something like that.......and they loosen by vibrations.......um.....you're looking at a Raptor 60V2, with I think you are serious about, but would not be albe something with a Bell 222...you're interested in 30D and you wouldn't be able to do that with the Bell....I think that's right.....

Hey, I'm only in Espanol 1!!!!

Fritz13 07-16-2004 08:37 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
Hi Iflynething.
Good Spanish, i hope my English are the same as your Spanish.
My question is I like scale helis, thinking to get one bell 222 from century, but in some forums they say the wood mount is no very safe, with vibrations will get lose. Plus the landing is really hard to set up.
Other choise is a Raptor 60 V.2. but I'm not interested in 3D.
So can you help me deciding I will appreciate that.

Friedman Gaber

iflynething 07-17-2004 10:22 PM

RE: Helicopteros en español
I wouldn't use a wood mound for anything for the engine, if that's what you're talking about.....

I think that a Rappy 60 would do fine, but if you are starting out, try out a Rappy 50 first.....I wasn't sure if you are starting out or anything......if not, and you can afford the 60, go for that, and I'm sure that you might be able to find some kind of canopy or something to go around that....you might could even get one custom made for that Rappy 60 if you wanted to and had some deep pockets...(:D)

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