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ripfirer 03-05-2010 11:35 AM

belt size
I have a scale fuse that i put a dragonus II in it. after i got it set up. i needed to change to a longer belt . the problem is i cant find a company that has the size i need not yet. there are number on it but i don't know how to read them, i search for info and still not sure if i got it right. on this belt that i found in my junk drawer it the prefect fit but damage. here what on the belt : MG1033 24099 127 I know these number tell the story,but like i said not sure. I think the first three (240) is no# of teeth and i think the 99 is equal to a degree of pitch. does any one have any suggestion on what these number mean? and where can i buy it. I believe this came from an old Kalt Helli. thank for any help

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