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What an Idiot!

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Default What an Idiot!

I`m talking about myself, of course,
Some years ago I bought this nifty little helicopter from this dude selling them at a kiosk at the mall. Really didn`t have the money to spend on a toy, but man this guy could sell sand in the Sahara. This little chopper really performed well until the battery gave out. I managed to find a replacement battery online along with a new blade set since it had a cracked one.
So I get the thing fixed up, charge the battery, and what? It won`t fly. It just sat on the floor, blades whizzing like mad, but no lift off. I chalked it up to a bad battery out of the box. Tired of hassling with it, up on the shelf it goes for at least a 2 or 3 years.
Today I`m sitting at my work bench and look at the sad little helicopter sitting up on the shelf. I get it down and turn it on, push the stick up and the blades start whirling around like it really wants to fly, but can`t. Hmm." Maybe should go online and see about finding another battery", I`m thinking to myself as I sit there staring at it. Then it dawns on me as I realize that both of the lower blade leading edges are facing the same direction. How can that be? A closer look reveals "B2" stamped on both lower blade roots. "B1" is sitting there in the bag along with "A1" and "A2". Oh My God.
So my little red chopper is now flying happily around in my living room once again.
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You ain't the first to make that mistake, I can promise you that.
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