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the Wasp 01-31-2018 10:10 PM

did you learn anything from that ??
so a long time friend of mine that would never come watch me fly (Helis & Planes) had stopped at my house, he came in and sat down, he told me he bought a Drone, he said it was about 20 inches in diameter and has 6 blades, well this guy never flew before, it was his very-first RC Bird, told me he got on Ebay and found one that was described "as a racer" and he ordered it (I smiled because I simply knew),, he said he open the box and set it on the table and put a battery in it, he said he just barely touched the Stick a tiny-tiny bit and it shot up fast and he pulled the stick back down and it came crashing down on the table hard and as a late-counter reaction to slow it down he moved the stick up again and it shot up again and he then again pulled the stick back down and it came down a 2nd time and crashed onto the table,, he went on to say with his hand moving around "it's really powerful, when it came crashing down everything on the table went flying everywhere, and it broke the ceiling light",

I was laughing and thinking 'wow, what could be better" my wife with a silly smirk ask him "did you learned anything from that" and he said "yes, not to fly it indoors"

a true story LOL

OH, more to the story there is,,, LOL so he asked me IF I would fix it for him, told me it had these tiny-tiny screws he could hardly hold between his big callus fingers, I told him "no, because if I did fix it and something goes wrong with it his first thoughts would be to think>>>> Jim fixed it",, my wife chuckled quietly.

I stopped and saw him at his house about a month later and he said he fixed it.


flyboy2610 02-01-2018 06:46 PM

I learned as a boy that whenever you make popcorn always be sure the lid is on the popper. Can you say indoor snowstorm? :o

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