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Ron101 10-14-2012 07:39 AM

StuMax powered BVM Electra Video
Thought I would share a video I made of my friend Eric's BVM Electra ,powered by a StuMax SM110-47 EDF fan. He is running cheap gen ace 12s 5500 mah packs.
The performance, sound and flight time is very impressive. With our new chargers (power lab 8) running on 24 volts we are recharging in 25 minutes... with two sets of flight packs you can't keep up with the chargers.



FMRR 10-14-2012 07:48 AM

RE: StuMax powered BVM Electra Video
Ron / Eric...... nice job,great to see other options for this jet and maybe the E-bandit.Bobs new fan and batt's top at near 3k [X(]

Ron101 10-14-2012 08:19 AM

RE: StuMax powered BVM Electra Video
Forsure that's why Eric wanted to try this and for the better sound...performance is right on par with the Vio Fan.

Stu is a great guy to deal with I have three of his fans and they have all been top notch. The SM 110-47 is a new design from Stu and is right around $500. I like to just deal direct with Stu.. his website is out dated but if you email him he will give you the price and how long it will take for him to build you a fan.

Stu's website: http://www.stumaxaircraft.com/pages/product.htm
his email is: stumax@optusnet.com.au

Eric and I are both big on Thunder Power...but the price is high. So we are always testing cheaper packs... the 25c Gen Ace packs appear to be very good and showing very low I.R. and prefect balance. Only time will tell how long they hold up, but at this point Eric has over 30 fligths and the packs seem very soild.

He is running 3 X 4s 25c 5500 these 4s packs are only $55 a pack...so a set of 12s is only $165 bucks compared to thunder power that's dirt cheap. Testing on the other site has shown these gen ace 25c packs to perform as well or better than thunder power 45c packs. The gey is to run the 25c packs... there other higher c rating packs havn't seemed to test as well as these 25c packs, there also ligther and cheaper.

link to where to buy the packs in the U.S. - http://www.hobbypartz.com/gensace4s25c.html

You have to watch there site because they sell our fast when they are in stock

There is no doubt the BVM/thunder power set up works great... but there are many ways to skin a cat and save a lot of money. I've been running one of Stu's fans in my Comp ARF spark for over 100 flights with zero issues. Stu makes a top notch product and stands behind it.

mr_matt 10-15-2012 05:03 PM

RE: StuMax powered BVM Electra Video
Amazing sound really. What speed controller do you use?

dwatherton 12-20-2012 11:05 AM

RE: StuMax powered BVM Electra Video
That's a great alternative to learn about! I've got an old BVM Maverick, half built, that I stopped when it came time to put in the old BVM .91 and fan. Too much $$ to toss in there at that time, and so far I've still held off even though BVM's EDFs are a great option now, the price is not!

I'll contact Stu for sure and investigate the option.

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