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jetpilot 06-18-2004 12:29 PM

Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
These people have always taken care of me. They are Awesome. Everytime I have had a repair they have been very quick and very affordable. They go above and beyond in customer service. I couldnt be more happy. I wanted to give them the props they deserve.
I suffered a monetary loss with the Kingcat and they are getting back in the air with minimal expense on the radio gear. I had figured much more loss until I got my servos back like new again for very little out of pocket.
These people are great.
Im happy I fly JR. One of the many benefits.

dsnyder 06-18-2004 12:49 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
Scott, very happy to hear that our service department have been able to assist you. Thank you for the kind words! I'll make sure the folks in the service department see your message.

seanreit 06-18-2004 04:27 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$

there was another thread on this a few months ago. I too continue to remain in awe over how well Horizon's service department handles our radio needs. I have sent so much JR/Gyro/Radio stuff to you guys that I thought was junked beyond junked and always comes back to me in pristine ready to install condition. Too many times over Horizon has helped me out to list here, but a couple of highlights are a gyro that was submerged in jet fuel, I got a brand new one back for $50.00!!

An 8411 that had been in a fire, came back to me new in the box for much much less than a new servo would have been. You guys have set the standard and I can't recommend your stuff more.


dsnyder 06-18-2004 04:32 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
That is great to hear Sean! I'm glad we could help you enjoy this great hobby!

Gazzer 06-18-2004 05:37 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
Even us guys in the UK get on the act here, I lost my PCM 10 x manual, guess who has made it a PDF and accessible from the JR distributor in the UK.......... Horizon.

Thanks gents,

and it did not cost me a penny till I printed it out!!!!!


ltdorn1 06-18-2004 06:21 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
hey Danny,

Anyway Horizon can help out us military members here in Japan by changing your shipping policy. I.E. shipping FPO/AP addresses via US priority mail vice parcel post with takes about 6-8 weeks to get over here! priority mail is about 2 weeks!
I want to order from you guys but i cant wait that long!

Yokosuka, JA

Tom Antlfinger 06-18-2004 06:28 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
If the service tech Steve is still there, he finally sorted out that weird problem I had where my TX sent out a bad data train after about 5 minutes only on Model 3 mode.....

JR/Horizon sent me a new TX.......even though that one was way out of warranty.....

Also repaired a bunch of my not inexpensive 8411's that had been crash damaged, mostly gear train stuff, but still did most of the work at little or no cost....

Great Service!!


JohnVH 06-18-2004 06:53 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
Glad to hear, I have 3 PCM rx's I need to send in for checkups..:D

Randy M. 06-18-2004 08:21 PM

RE: Horizon Hobby REPAIR DEPT. Kicks A$$
Good to hear, I need to send them an old 10sx to go through.

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