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MAD FORCE VE brushless 1/8 review.


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Default MAD FORCE VE brushless 1/8 review.

Ive been out of the RC game for a few years.. I just bought a truck this morning though.. The last truck I had was an 8th scale Duratrax warhead evo II with an Axial 32 (hence the username..)
I liked it but It was hard to keep tuned and that took alot of the fun out of it. and the motor kept destroying spur gears and clutches..

Anyway.. I bought a 1/8th scale Madforce Kruiser Brushless VE. It was between that and a traxxas summitt. I liked the summit susp. and how solid it was, but the brushed motor and slow top end steered me away.. If I want a crawler Ill just get a crawler...

I was a bit leery of electric rcs because of prior experience. I had an old clodbuster. Twin motors. 1 battery pack. old technology.. I hated always having to charge and never getting more than 5 min of run time. The guy at my local hobby shop (Oak Mountain Hobbies in Pelham, AL) convinced me to give it a try. the truck is nice.. it seemed a bit cheap at first compared to other models... i guess bare bones is a better word. not much to it at all... Also it worried me that the suspension is mostly plastic. My goal with this truck is a straight line pavement racer.. I want to beat up on 10th scale trucks (cough cough EREVO) with a big straight axle monster truck... ill get to that more in a minute.

I also bought 2 venom 5000mah 30C 2S batteries.. the most this brushless system will handle is 4s. and I bought an Onyx dual battery charger with battery balancing.
The batts charged quick and fit well in the compartments.. and the truck comes wired with deans conn. the remote takes 4AA batts.

The truck drives great and has a **** ton of power... standing backflips for a 1/8th scale monster truck is insane. Only thing to look out for is the brake/reverse sensitivity. I had mine too high and at full speed I tapped the brakes and sent the truck into a 10+ front flip spasm... that led to my first issue...

when I walked over to flip my truck right side up... I noticed that the front shock had slipped off the upper swivel mount. I simply snapped it back on and it hasnt popped off again, but now I am looking for it constantly.

the truck is a serious monster though... it hauls butt.. it has so much power on tap its almost too much..... almost. I love how I can adjust the braking and throttle top end from the remote.. because at first I had lead finger and I just kept flipping it over... Once I got used to it I could wheelie almost to top speed..
I dont like how the wheelie bar is not adjustable.. I found that by the time it made contact the truck was already almost vertical and most of the time it continued over to its back.
I have found an aftermarket one though that I will invest in.
The truck has almost full power all the way until it cuts off dead.
At one point i rolled the truck and i noticed it clunking when i tapped the gas.. Turns out I snapped the upper hub mount on the front axle carrier (plastic). Good thing amain sells replacements for under $10. I like how all the axle carriers are the same so I have spares for all 4 corners.

I noticed something while I was taking apart the broken stuff... There are 2 screws that hold the suspension link to the axle.. One on top and one on bottom... See Pic.

The screw on the top is pretty long and it actually was sticking into the middle of the carrier shaft and grinding down my axle shaft...

Difference in top screw and bottom screw.

To fix it I just ground down the top screw till it matched the length of the bottom one.

Waiting on my new part to come in and i will be back at it...

On to my plans.. The truck comes with an orion vortex 2200 brushless motor. However the base plate has 2 engine hoops (the last model had twin brushed motors.) I plan on adding another orion motor and ESC. contemplating whether i cam run 2 more batteries also... I think if I turn the sideways in their slots I can fit 2 in each... so 2 motors 2 batts per motor.. Then I am adding twin aluminum shock towers and lowering the truck... I am also grinding away a little notch in the side plates to give the susp. a bit more travel.. I am adding an adj. wheelie bar and some street tires... Hopefully it should smoke some ERevos pending traction and the wheelie bar doing its job... This truck will basically be my showoff speed truck..

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Default RE: MAD FORCE VE brushless 1/8 review.

A Picture is worth a thousand words and I can see Your time testing The Truck has not been Perfect. I got the same truck and am actually waiting for a diff housing (center of axle) because one of the holes broke out (same area screws caused problems) though screws didnt cause any harm to dogbone on my truck.  Yeah these Trucks break like all other Trucks, I got a xs flux before I got my kruiser so I let go a lot of my throttle trigger happiness on The xs (it also breaks like all trucks) so I take it easy with my Kruiser (brushless lipo) because I want to keep it nice.

Supershafty has Aluminum axle housings if You have the extra $. 

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Default RE: MAD FORCE VE brushless 1/8 review.

Good to see info on this truck - the Kyosho stuff doesn't get much chatter around here, so it's always nice to hear user experiences about them.
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