Hey guys need a bit of help with my truck I have a redcat Volcano EPX monster truck with castle creations 5700 motor with the sidewinder 3 ESC and I'm running a Gens Ace 5000 7.4 V 50 C 2S battery.
It hauls.. but after about 7-8 minutes the throttle will just not work anymore.. the steering will work but no throttle.. I'm sure the battery couldn't be dead from just 7-8 minutes of driving! that would be crazy!!
The first few times of running my truck for 7-8 minutes roughly i didn't discharge it after :| Im new and forgot to do it/didnt know i had to. and just charged it before i wanted to drive it next.. so i recently ran my truck for 7-8 minutes and it did the same no throttle but still had steering and all that. so I went inside to discharge it after using it.. i set it up pressed start to discharge it and after like literally 2 seconds of discharging it said discharge complete.. I'm very confused and don't know whats up can someone please help or give some info!! thank you very much