When you signed up, you agreed to certain rules as they apply to this site, and we have found it necessary to moderate these more closely in the car forums. Here are some of the major issues that, we as moderators, encounter:

NO bashing of other members.
NO profanity.
NO sexually explicit material .
NO off topic post (use the Off Topic Forum).
NO multiple posting in different forums.
NO selling of items in the forums (please use the RCU Marketplace).
NO commercial advertising (unless it is done within the advertisement rules).
NO job solicitations.

Please remember at all times, that this is a family oriented site, and younger members may be viewing unsupervised.
Please take a minute and look over the forum you plan to post in, as there may be a thread already started with your subject matter in it. If it is a question, try a search, as it may have already been answered.

These are some steps that we, as moderators, feel are needed to make the car forums a better place for all, so please help us help you in making these the best forums on the Internet.

If you come across a "flame war", please report the thread rather than "fueling the fire" and one of the moderators will take care of the situation. Should you become the victim of a personal attack(s), once again please report the thread rather than retaliating and a moderator will take care of the situation.

If you have not already, please review the full RCU Community Policies before posting again.

Thank you for your understanding.