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All SavageX owners and future owners Please Read


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Default All SavageX owners and future owners Please Read

I have a SavageX and I notice many people have the same problems I have or had with mine. Here are a few things to change that will help. I know this thread is long but trust me it is well worth it.

Spur Gear Problems:
1. The biggest problem with the spur gear stripping is due to the 4 hex bolts on the bottom of the engine becoming loose due to vibration.
A. Use blue loctite or permatex on the threads to help hold them in place.
B. I like to check them after every tank of fuel to be safe. This takes a matter of 30 seconds to do.

2. The second reason the spur gear strips is due to the fact that part number 86121 which is a brass washer that fits up against the bearing on the clutch bell wears itself into the bearing and/or the phillips head screw. This then causes the clutch bell to walk back and forth on the Spur Gear. You can see this happen by looking at the clutch bell and slowley coming up on the throttle. The clutch bell will walk back and forth on the spur gear. The reason it does this is because part number 86121 has an O.D. ( Outside Diameter ) the exact same as the sealed bearing part number B021 which fits against it and the clutch bell. The bearing is supposed to spin on the shaft freely which it cannot due with the brass washer pinning it against the clutch bell. What happens is bearing ends up burning out along with the brass washer wearing itself.
A. To fix this get a pack of Teflon Washers - Size 5x8x0.5mm I'm not sure about HPI part number but Traxxas part number is #1985 Remove Part Number 86121 ( Brass Washer ) and replace it with teflon washers. These washers fit the I.D. ( Inside Diameter ) of the bearing and allow it to spin like it should. You should have some play but not much.
B. It will also be a good idea to change the bearings for the clutch bell if this has happened to you. The size is 5x10x4mm.

3. Use the paper trick to adjust your Spur Gear.
A. Cut a thin piece of paper and pass it through the spur gear and the clutch bell gear. It should fanfold without tearing. If it tears, you have the gap too tight.

4. To change the Spur Gear just remove the 2 top screws in the transmission case. There is no need to remove the transmission to change out the Spur Gear. Turn the air filter to the side and pull out the top piece with the Spur Gear attached. Simple and easy.

5. The entire truck is modular in design. You can pull just the engine out to work on it. You can also pull out just the entire front section or just the entire rear section.

6. Make sure to locktight the 4 main frame screws which is part number Z613. They are M4x10mm binder head screws.

This truck is tough as nails. I have jumped this truck over large dirt hills and flipped onto concrete with nothing broken. I have seen my truck flip end over end to land right side up and keep on going. If you are looking for a tough monster truck to bash with, this is your truck. It is not the fastest monster truck but it is definitely one of the funnest with minimal breakdowns.
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Default RE: All SavageX owners and future owners Please Read

I tighten my motor screw every tank and i havent replace my spur in 6 months
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