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Tips for Nitro and electric.. Good info by TA


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Default Tips for Nitro and electric.. Good info by TA

HEy guys..

I found this in a newsletter that I get from Team Associated.
It has some great tips!

Hope you get something out of this!

2. Nitro Tips

+++ "When adjusting the 2 speed of the Nitro TC3 RTR, does backing out
the screws that are on the springs make it shift sooner or later?"
Backing out the screw makes it shift sooner.

+++ "Do I have to break in the engine of a refurbished RTR?"
Yes. You need to read the engine manual and break in the engine.

+++ "I'm having trouble getting fuel to the carburetor on my GT RTR PLUS.
The only way I can get fuel to carb is by removing the fuel tubing going to the exhaust pipe and blowing through it till fuel hits the carb and this is usually difficult to do. I checked for leaks and everything is fine. It runs fine once it's started but when it comes to starting it up again, I have to repeat the process. What am I doing wrong?"
First of all, to make sure you are getting the correct amount of
fuel, try this. The fuel line from the carburetor to the tank has a white nipple on the tank. Turn that nipple counterclockwise one full turn. That should allow the fuel to reach the carb easier. Second, if you are trying to start the truck while hot, it will be hard to start. Allow the engine to cool for a few minutes.

3. Electric Tips

+++"Can you help me with gearing? I just don't understand turns and winds!"
TURNS refers to the number of times the wire was wound around each armature arm. The fewer the turns, the higher the rpm (revolutions per minute), or top end speed (the highest speed attainable by that motor).
So, if you wish the fastest motor, choose a motor with the fewest number of turns. Keep in mind that the fewer the turns, the greater the battery draw, which means lesser run time.
WINDS of "Double," "Triple," or Quad" refers to the number of strands of wire wound around the armature, double being two strands, triple being three, quad being four, and quint being five. The type of wind is for fine tuning your motor's power band. In general, winds with fewer wires give the impression of kick-starting your wheels, while the winds with more wires
will bring you up to top end speed more slowly.
If you have a very slick track, then winds like single and double may cause your wheels to spin; other winds--triple, quad, quint--may give your car better traction. In addition, the less turns of wire, the less run time you will have, because fewer wires will draw more power from your batteries.
Note: The performance gains by changing the type of wind is
subjective and may be noticed only by experienced racers with vehicles that respond well.

+++ "How fast will the kit go when I put a motor in it?"
A kit's speed depends on many variables. Some are:
Track surface--with poor traction, the vehicle will go slower. With long straights, it has more time to get up to speed. With many turns, it won't have the chance to get up to top speed. If your track is straight and has high traction for many yards, then you'll get your fastest speed. But that's not much fun unless you're into drag racing.

Gearing of spur and pinion--More teeth on the pinion equals more top speed, but your batteries will quit ("dump") faster too (meaning less run time).

Motor--Choose your modified motor by turns and winds. With fewer turns you'll get more rpm, more top speed, but your batteries will dump faster too.

Shocks/springs--If your car has wrong shock oil or springs, it may bounce too much, meaning that poor traction will cause less speed and handling, especially with off road cars.

Practice--with insufficient practice, a vehicle that wanders over the track wastes time.

Tires--Tires which do not hook your car to the track well will waste
The list goes on.
Generally, the electric truck and buggy kits can go around 20-30mph. Nitro kits can go around 45mph. Battery charging time depends on the battery type, but half hour should be about right on some--which depends on the charger type! How fast do you go through batteries? Again it all depends on several factors. Generally, though about 4-10 minutes. These variables and
more make it difficult to judge accurately your personal performance.

Hope that was fun
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Default Tips for Nitro and electric.. Good info by TA

I'd be more impressed if you stole those and said they were your own good tips though!
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