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soonilunderstand 05-09-2019 07:26 PM

Warhead fuel tank replacement
I have a warhead that the fuel tank started leaking at the screw holes. I secured a savage tank to the side but I am wondering if anyone has any idea if there is a fuel tank out there that will fit in the spot of the original even if I have to fabricate a bracket to secure it to the original mounting points. I do not have a lhs within reason to drive to. The savage fuel tank bottom fits in the opening but it widens at the top so I can not secure it on the inside of the truck. Basically Iím looking for a savage tank without the bigger part at the top. I know itís an obsolete truck but I enjoy it but would like to be able to put a body on it. Looking at the revo 3.3 tank and it looks like it might be able to fit but obviously hard to tell from a picture. Thanks for any help you may have.

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