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motoxer52 05-09-2004 10:17 PM

shocks for SUT
hey im looking for a pair of really god shock for a sut .im lookin at the ofna pro shocks.are they any good or there something better?


scale only 4 me 05-09-2004 11:38 PM

RE: shocks for SUT
What's wrong with the GS shocks?

motoxer52 05-10-2004 06:29 AM

RE: shocks for SUT
it bottoms out to easliy

scale only 4 me 05-10-2004 09:21 AM

RE: shocks for SUT
They all do, Nothing you can do to stop it, it's a normal thing for 1/8 scale buggies and truggies
You can slow it down by using heavier oil try some 60wt. or thicker, but that will just make the truck handle poorly in the rough

The GS shocks are just as good as any other

motoxer52 05-10-2004 03:04 PM

RE: shocks for SUT
thanks scale_only_4_me-RCU for the info

fhm101 05-12-2004 02:31 PM

RE: shocks for SUT
The GS Pro shocks are very good units and work great with either version of the SUT.
That said, whatever you decide to buy, make sure to get 2 sets of rears.

motoxer52 05-13-2004 06:51 PM

RE: shocks for SUT
are the pro shocks option and why 2 sets of rears

fhm101 05-13-2004 09:36 PM

RE: shocks for SUT

ORIGINAL: motoxer52

are the pro shocks option and why 2 sets of rears
Yes, they are optional for the RTR but come as standard equipment on the Storm pro buggy. The reason for 2 sets of rear shocks for your SUT is that's what you need. The truck uses buggy rear shocks on both ends.

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