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Just picked up an SC10GT, got a couple Q's


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Default Just picked up an SC10GT, got a couple Q's

This thing's mint, too. Barely run. And, yes, it is the nitro one and it will stay the nitro one. I've been lusting for one of these things since they came out and only recently was I able to A: find one B: buy one. Needless to say I didn't hold back.
  • The air filter is RIDICULOUS! I wouldn't entrust a 200mm touring car that never ran on anything but prepped racetracks to this pathetic excuse of a foam, much less an off road truck that'll only ever see use bashing around in the mud. Any suggestions for a real air filter? Something with an element the size of the OS 203 filter that came on my 18 CV-RX? I measured the carb throat OD and it's significantly smaller than the ID of the OS 203's boot, so I can't just swap filters between my two AE cars in the interim, and I really don't want to do anything more than a 2-3 minute bench run with the factory supplied air filter lest it clog/allow dirt into the engine. Seriously, AE, what the hell were you guys thinking putting such a dinky filter on an off-road truck?!
  • Anyone ever put crawler rims and tires on theirs? I don't plan on racing it(Far as I can tell there isn't even a track within an hour's drive of me to race it on if I did), I think the 2.2/3.0 style rims look ridiculous, and I want the cushioning from the full height sidewalls on both sides of the tire. So I'm willing to trade away some handling for the look and the cushioning I want, plus I'd get a more aggressive tread pattern better suited to screwing around in my back yard. I'm thinking of grabbing some 1.9 crawler rims and suitable tires instead of the racing rims and tires it has now/came with originally. I measured the suspension and I'm fairly sure they'll fit, but I'd like confirmation. Tire OD is within a blonde one of factory size so I'm not worried about having to change the gearing. Those tires have a picture on their page showing them mounted onto what I believe to be a Slash and they look beautiful there, so if I can use them and those 1.9 rims I'm going to.
  • I don't like the receiver battery being mounted in the back behind the transmission/diff like it is. Anyone ever have any issues with that? Am I just being excessively paranoid? I plan on throwing a LiFE pack in it if it doesn't already have one(There's something in there but I haven't opened it up yet). For that matter, is there an easy way into the Rx batt box besides undoing some screws?
  • Good leads on bodies? I'm thinking something more like a desert buggy(AE's own rat rod body for the electric SCTs they sell nice looks pretty nice!) would be more fitting for how I plan on running the truck, something open wheel with sides extending all the way down to the chassis and ideally incorporating a functional roll cage. Beyond looking cool, it'd also help keep mud and stuff out of the internals, rather than how a fully fendered body would guide that schmoo right onto them(You should see how filthy the NTC3 gets after just one tank!). Again, I don't plan on racing it, so I don't mind if there's a bit of a weight penalty using it.
  • How much part compatibility exists between this and the RC10GT2? I know when AE made this thing they started with that truck and there is a decent overlap but I'd like to have a more firm answer, especially regarding transmission, exhaust parts since that's what I'm most likely going to want and/or need to change going forward. I'm expecting it to be a tank...my rally-modded NTC3 has been truckin' along happy as can be for >6 years with an 18 CV-RX forcing it through the dirt without a single broken or worn part, after all...but it never hurts to know in case I do need somethin'.
  • AE's documentation on this thing mentions the option of putting a 150cc fuel tank in here. Not an option for ROAR sanctioned racing, but since I'm not on the track, the ~90% increase in runtime-per-tank is an appealing prospect indeed. They still available?
  • I plan on running this thing off 20%N 15-18%O fuels on OS-8 glow plugs with a somewhat rich carb setting. This is what I've run in my 18 CV-RX all these years and it gives me a reliable little motor that needs adjusted maybe once every 6-7 months! Currently I've got some Morgan fuels Sidewinder Basher's Blend on hand, but sometimes it might be Odonnel or Blue Thunder depending on what the hobby shop has available. Always with that nitro and oil percentage, I never run race blends and I never run crappy second-rate fuels. Engine should like that, yah?
  • Anyone ever make a two speed upgrade for this thing? If so, can it be set up such that first gear is a bit of a stump puller and second gear is roughly equivalent to the gearing the truck already has?
  • By my estimations, top speed should be in the 37-42MPH range. this realistic? If so, sweet, that's about as fast as I'd want it to go.
  • Engine parts still available? I expect the one it has to live a long and prosperous life(Thing was barely run and has more compression than my 18 CV-RX does!) but it'd be nice to know I can reasonably easily acquire a replacement P/S or one-way for the pull starter if need be. More the latter than the former, I love pull starts and I get good life out of them but those pesky one-ways can be a bugbear sometimes.
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