ok so i was suprised today when i got the mail. a nice box with a FLM return address.

the design of these are very good. they use a metal cir clip similar to what you would find holding in a wrist pin for a piston in a 350 chevy. they use this on the outside of the Axle Cup to help hold the pin in. One thing they did not send was set screws for the wrist pin in the axle cup since they use the circlip. for added security i went to the hardware store and picked up a few set screws to further add secureness of the pin from coming out.

i also had to make a few modifications to the drive cups on the differential side. i had to grind about a 1/16th of a inch off to make it fit properly. i also had to shorten the pins just a tad so the circlip would fit in the groove properly.

other than a few minor details the length and axle dimensions are absolutely perfect.

now all i need to do is give them a good run tomorrow. No More BS Eclips to Deal With!!!!!!!!!!!


these are the First off the line CVD's for the slayer from FLM and will be available soon. and as far as i know these are the only CVD's for the Traxxas Slayer that will be available until other companies join the bandwaggon.