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shaunmichaeljohnson 10-15-2008 12:19 AM

jato diff specs
hi guys.
i'm chasing all the mesurements for the jato diff.
length (not including out put shafts), diameter (not including diff gear) bb diameter.

things you dont normally find in the manual.

i have a rustler VXL (yes electric, sorry) and i'm on a quest for better handeling to keep the under dog up there.
i experimented with sealing a rustler diff and it worked very well, the handeling was loads better.
but alas my sealing job leaked all over my plans.
and the only way i can think to cure it is to either go to stage 2 of my plan with a monster-RC aluminium cased diff and get into it with the lathe to seal it...


use jato diff seals if they fit


use an entire jato diff and try and mate the rustler steel diff ring to the jato diff gear.

so as many mesurements as you can pretty please[8D];):D


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