So I'm about to build my first 1/10 car and it just so happens that RC Spice makes a Lancer 1800GSR body, something I never expected to find represented in RC form. I fell in love with this car when I discovered and started drifting it in Gran Turismo, so I'm all about the idea of using it for my first 1/10 drift car.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this company and can tell me what to expect from the body. I understand it comes with the protective film for painting, masking, and decals for the details (though I might try to paint them...I'll have to decide once I get a look at it). I'm wondering if panel lines will be molded into it or if I'm going to have to draw them freehand, and also whether they use thicker or thinner lexan for their bodies.

Any advice for the project would be appreciated. I've been reading some guides and watching a video or two on painting and have a basic idea of how it should be done, but none of them took a scale approach so I feel like I'm on my own for some of the detail work.