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Dalrock 09-13-2011 09:53 PM

ATTN: Chip Hyde

I hope all is well. I need to discuss something with you about the 2002 TOC. I know you lost EVERYTHINGin the house fire in 2009 including your 2002 TOCUltimate Bipe, your Trophy and a pretty much everything else.

Well old buddy ... Remember the Prop you gave me off the Bipe after the awards were handed out and we were all knocking back beers in your pit area?

I was wondering if you wanted it as a reminder of your victory in the LASTTOCthat will EVERbe held.

I was so sad to hear later that yearabout Bill Bennet's passing and with him, the Vegas Invitational TOCdied as well.

Please send me a private message here or look me up on Facebook.

Your Long Lost Batman

Rick Head


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