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JetAwithPrist 12-14-2002 02:23 PM

2 meter plans
Does anyone know where i can find plans for a balsa/ ply 2 meter pattern ship? I enjoy building and am looking for a new project. A wood kit would be ok also as long as it isnt too much $$. All the plans i have found look very outdated.


robert 12-14-2002 02:27 PM

2 meter plans
www.lasermodels.com make two different 2M models, the Tojeiro, and the Xtra. (There are many different sized Xtras, one of which is 2M.)
I think though that they might be expensve, although I forgot the price.

MHester 12-14-2002 03:09 PM

2 meter plans
If you just want plans, the Gator Typhoon 2000 is a good plane. It's a modern wide body plane, and they also sell the cowling and canopies as well as accessories. And it's full 2 meters. I have built 4, they all flew great.



flywilly 12-14-2002 03:45 PM

2 meter plans
Gator also sells plans and accessories for their Giles 202 as well as plans and accessories for the Fascination design that Chris Lakin flew in the '97 FAI WC. Flying Models published plans for the original Patriot design. Lastly, there is the Legacy - though I don't know i Falcon hobbies is still selling the plans for this.
There are some really nice wood kits from MK in Japan, but they are pricey: the Topstar is about $475 shipped here. THe SUper VR-7 and Extra 300LS are about $800-900 dollars (ouch) - though the Exra kit does include the mechanical retracts.
There may be some plans available from overseas, too (Just PLans Robert - any suggestions - Loaded Dce 120?)
Good Luck,
Will B.

robert 12-14-2002 03:49 PM

2 meter plans
Yeah, I there was a piece on building and flying a loaded dice III, which I think is 2M. I will try find it, probably nexus sell them.

patternrules 12-14-2002 05:37 PM

2 meter plans
This is Bryan Heberts Designs that sells plans, look under price list. http://www.executiveairframes.com/index.shtml

JetAwithPrist 12-14-2002 08:47 PM

2 meter plans
thanks guys,

the patriot 3d and the typhoon 2000 both look great. The typhoon doesnt show landing gear in the pictures so i suppose that means it has retracts. I just got done building a plane with retracts and would prefer my next to have fixed gear as well as the fact that pattern planes seem to be moving toward fixed gear. Mike- do you know offhand if the plans show a fixed gear installation?

JimTrainor 12-14-2002 09:27 PM

2 meter plans
Where can one purchase the Laser Models Tojeiro and Xtra? I haven't had any luck finding a dealer... even sent emails to LaserModels asking, but no reply.

If you don't mind foam there is the Eclipse from:


http://www.planesplus.com is a dealer, they don't show the Eclipse on there web page. Maybe they'd get one if you asked.

MHester 12-14-2002 10:11 PM

2 meter plans
All of my Typhoons have fixed gear. It's a pretty simple mod, but it has to be solid. It makes for a very sturdy airplane.


GW-inactive 12-14-2002 10:46 PM

2 meter plans
I would like to back up what Mike is telling you here.. The Typhoon 2000 is a great wood plane to build. The plans are accurate for formers, which is not the case in a few plans set you will come across.

Another fellow modeler and myself doing some edits have Autocad filed the Typhoon 2000 formers, and can get the laser cut formers for the aspiring builder.


EXCAP232 12-14-2002 11:00 PM

Typhoon variations ?
How does the Typhoon 2000 and 2+2 versions differ?

Happen to have a set of the 2+2 plans. Would prefer to have fixed gear also.


StarskiPZ 12-14-2002 11:47 PM

2 meter plans
RE Loaded Dice III

For plans check: www.modelflying.co.uk

Plan No. RC 1877

& there are a few articles on them too

Popular model in the UK!

MHester 12-15-2002 12:13 AM

2 meter plans
The Typhoon 2000 and the 2+2 are very similar in the wing and stab. the areas and moments are practically identical. but that's where the similarity stops.

The 2000 has a totally redesigned fuse and vertical stab/rudder. This makes the plane fly much slower. with functional cheek cowls and a fixed gear with pants, this thing really slows down.

The downside is in the wind, you'd better be proficient with rudder correction. it acts like a huge kite with a stiff crosswind. But once you take the time and learn it's personality, it's a dream to fly.

The 2+2 is probably a better wind plane. It's a bit faster and cleaner, and I wouldn't build it with fixed gear; it would be defeating it's advantage.

If I were starting with a clean slate, I'd pick the Typhoon 2000 hands down and learn to fly it in the wind. It presents better and the flow is more constant and smooth.

Hey GW you got ribs and stuff too or just the formers? That's pretty cool.


JetAwithPrist 12-15-2002 12:14 AM

I think i'm gonna order a set of typhoon plans and start tinkering with it. Are the wings and tail built up balsa also or sheeted foam?


How much would a set of those laser cut formers run me?

JetAwithPrist 12-15-2002 12:16 AM

Hey do either of you typhoon flyers have any pics of your airplanes?

GW-inactive 12-15-2002 01:06 AM

2 meter plans
Do not have the ribs plotted. I may do it one day. It would be a simple process with compufoil and some airfoil parameters. Its probably a modified NACA or an Eppler airfoil or a variant of one.

The laser cut formers will run you about $35-$40 a set shipped, . Nice work, and great balsa.

Mike , post a pic of the of the multicolored typhoon you showed me in Huntsville.(the before pic, not the after) Thats the prettiest one i have seen.

BTW MIKE. Count me in for the 3M head for the OS14 you wrote me about.


GW-inactive 12-15-2002 01:08 AM

2 meter plans
The plans show a built up wing and stab, but foam is my choice. All the foam and Fglass parts are available from Gator.

Mike builds a very nice built up wing, but I do not have the patience for it.

MHester 12-15-2002 01:55 AM

ok I'll try this
1 Attachment(s)
Don't worry GW, I wouldn't open up that "after" can of worms here =) Hehe.

I like the all built up version, wings stabs and all. It's easy, and it's argueably lighter and stronger if done right. It IS a lot more work, and harder to get straight. But if you can manage, it's worth it.

These are 3 that I built. the 2 yellow ones on the wall are my babies, and the pretty one in the foreground is um...deceased? Yeah that's it. More like cremated *cough*

Anyway, I hope this works...

GW-inactive 12-15-2002 02:00 AM

2 meter plans
Yea, you probably want to keep that can closed here, Dont want to be super-slammed here as well do ya? . That other got ugly, but you were right on target!! My hats off to ya for sticking up for whats right.

Man, that was one pretty T2K !!

Talk at ya later, its time for the Junction Boys!!

War Eagle!

MHester 12-15-2002 02:11 AM

2 meter plans
Actually, the bottom yellow one on the wall isn't mine anymore either. It has a good home though.

That other thing amazed me, but I suppose I shouldn't be suprised. Oh well, I can sleep =)

Back on topic, to whomever is considering building these, they aren't hard at all if you can build a wood plane. I strongly suggest the fixed gear mod and open the cowl cheeks to be functional. as long as you have a jig, and pay attention, you will have a great flying plane when you're done. Very competetive and capable too. Those 2 yellow ones have a HECK of a track record.

For what it is I can't say enough good things about this plane. I love building with wood, and this thing was a dream. I have a friend here that is just finishing one. He's never built a pattern plane before, and his is straight and sweet too.

Don't skimp on wood quality though. As much lumber as is in this thing, if you don't use the good stuff, you'll be over 11 lbs in a heartbeat. but if you use good quality wood, you can expect about a 10 to 10 1/2 lb plane on your first try. That's not bad for a flying lumberyard =)


JetAwithPrist 12-15-2002 02:24 AM

2 meter plans
Didnt i see one o' them yellow typhoons in the AMA mag from the Nats last month? I seem to remember the break in the black stripe on the side of the fuse. Those are sexy looking planes!

I love building with wood also, its kinda relaxing in a sick and twisted sort of way

Where do you buy your wood mike?

MHester 12-15-2002 11:44 AM

2 meter plans
Good eye! Yes, the bottom one took second at the nats.

I get my wood from Lone Star Balsa, because they have the 4-6 lb stuff in wierd sizes. Good selection. Can't go wrong with Superior Balsa either, and thier quality is just a tad better. Both work fine.

Building a plane like that from scratch is much more rewarding for me than flying arfs.


JetAwithPrist 12-15-2002 02:50 PM

2 meter plans
I'm gonna order a set of typhoon plans on monday and then go from there. This will be a semi-longterm project, i dont have an engine or radio gear for it yet and i still am finishing a couple other planes. What do you figure on a total cost for scratch building one of these between lumber, finishing, hardware, radio gear and stove?

Hey mike, what kind of A&P mech work do you do? I am an A&P myself also.

MHester 12-15-2002 03:28 PM

2 meter plans
Dollars....that's a good question. It really depends on the equipment and the finish. The wood and parts are a few hundred bucks. After that it just depends on what you put into it. It can come out anywhere between $900-$4000 by the time you are finished. Do you want decent coreless servos, or top of the line digitals? A $250 engine or a $1000 EFI? Rocket city linkages or MK ball bearing all the way? A $5.00 home made mount or a $200 ARI Hyde mount? A $20 aluminum wing tube or a $50 carbon one? A $60 MVVS pipe or a $230 ES carbon pipe?

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. The good stuff costs big bucks. The more you spend, the better the plane in the end. I know people who will debate that, but here's the facts.

Let's look at the pipe. With a 1.40 sized 2 stroke, an aluminum pipe is anywhere from $60-120. It weighs about 6-7 ounces. An Es carbon pipe is about $230, but it is about 2.5 ounces. That's almost 1/4 of a pound difference.

The wing tube. An aluminum tube with sockets is about 7 ounces. A carbon tube is about 3.5.

The linkages....the MK stuff is about the best there is. it lasts forever, and it's smooth as glass and never develops any slop. It's very secure. It's also over $100 to outfit an entire plane with bb ends and c/f rods.

Now that being said, there are plenty of areas you can cut back if you want to. You just make a judgement call on what you're willing to spend vs what you want. That leaves a lot of room for the price tag to move up and down.

A&P- Structures and composites. Heavy jet stuff. Mostly C and D checks, with heavy sheet metal work. Lots of standard A&P line stuff too, but mostly ripping a 35 million dollar plane to shreds and rebuilding it =) Mostly 727,737,757,767, DC8,9,10. One stray A-300, and it sucked. Only the French would glue the crown skin on.


JetAwithPrist 12-15-2002 04:14 PM

2 meter plans
I can see how you could end up at 4000 in a hurry if you wanted to. I'm sure i wont go too extreme on this one but do you think i'd have any trouble staying under 11 pounds with lower line equipment? I'm just practicing sportsman maneuvers now so a 4k plane would be a little much for me at this point.

I used to do sheetmetal and composites, then avionics on a lot of those airplanes myself for UAL. I worked mostly on the 727, 747, 777, and GreaC-10. I'm sure glad i left when i did though cuz i'd be out of a job now :D I sure miss the access to tools and supplies. I moved over to just driving planes for a living although i still do some mech work on the side. I think driving them is an easier way to make a living but at this point anyone with a job in aviation is lucky!

Oh, and yes i worked on a few of fedex's scairbus's too and can't say i was impressed.

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