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JAS 11-16-2006 05:07 PM

Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
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Well... it's finally arrived. After over a week of trying to get it out of the airport, it's here.

JAS 11-16-2006 05:08 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
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and in 6 minutes it went from this...

JAS 11-16-2006 05:10 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
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to this... BTW, this is, as of now, the "competition" scheme. The "standard" scheme I haven't seen yet, but as soon as I do I'll post what it looks like. This is not the $1190 scheme.

vbortone 11-16-2006 05:17 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
It will be very nice if you can provide the weights for each component.


Vicente "Vince" Bortone

MHester 11-16-2006 05:24 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
Man, that looks SWEET!!!!


JAS 11-16-2006 05:27 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
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Vince and others. I was debating to even start this thread because there is one of 2 ways all of this will take place.
1- I sit here and answer all questions all weekend long.
2- I work on the plane and get it ready to fly for Monday (latest I hope) and then answer all questions then.

I'm gonna choose #2. Only cause, I really want to fly it. I can assure you it is super light... and somethings will have to/already are being changed. So my weights are probably gonna be a few grams lighter than final production. Sorry I won't answer questions right away.

A few notes:
Construction is like that of the Angels Shadow. There is wood instead of foam between the layers of glass.
The rudder is removable and pre-mounted.
The wings and stabs are pre-mounted and alligned.
The servos mount like a traditional foam wing, not on their sides like the Impact.
The landing gear is pre-mounted.
The rear former/tail wedge and fuselage "brace" are a pre-installed.
The hatch and chin are NOT pre-mounted, but hardware is included.
The firewall (for glow) is included but NOT pre-installed. There will be electric firewalls made, but not sure if included.
The hatch is the canopy floor.
Canopy must be cut and glued to hatch.
There will be a floor for a pipe included if you are not using electric or a short 4-stroke muffler.

This is all I can think of right now. Time to go to work. Cleaning the shop first, then starting to work on it.


vbortone 11-16-2006 05:40 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral

Just weight the components and keep it in a separate piece of paper before you install equipment. That is the best way to do it. It does not take too long if you have the scale in your shop. OK, go to work and don't read more e-mails until you finish.

Vicente "Vince" Bortone

JAS 11-16-2006 05:46 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
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Here are some of the goodies going in the Integral.

I will keep track of everything, and post it all later ;)

vbortone 11-16-2006 06:05 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
Looks like an OS engine but I can not read the brand. Correct?

Vicente "Vince" Bortone

quist 11-16-2006 06:22 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
Jason, have you had the chance to run that OS 200 yet? Is that a new hyde mount?

JAS 11-16-2006 08:09 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
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That is the OS-200 in the CR MKII mount. I have to dig out a nose ring when I mount it up. I haven't run it yet.

Aileron servos are in. Each panel with servos, 16ozs even. Whatever pushrods and horns weigh are the only things left. Gonna take a break, but I have been takin weights. 14oz panels before servos.

patternflyer1 11-16-2006 09:25 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
What's that big silver thing on the top right?
Where's the ESC and the batteries?



I am very interested in learning more about how the rudder installs when you get the time. I like the idea of having it removable.

Can't wait to hear how it flies!!

Very nice plane!!

rgreen24 11-16-2006 09:47 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
Hey JAS do you know the price of the scheme that you are working on? And also, what are the prices of the other schemes?


vbortone 11-16-2006 10:15 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral

Here is the list you ask me. I included only the plane components. I added the engine, header and muffler since it is brand new and many would like to know. I put together small spreadsheet that I will try to e-mail to you so you keep the data there:

Item Integra
Belly Pant
Right Stab 4.1
Left Stab 4.2
Right Wing 14
Left Wing 14
Engine OS200
Wing Tube
Stab. Tube
Engine Mount
Landing Gear
Wheel Pants
Tail Wheel

Derek.Koopowitz 11-17-2006 12:13 AM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
Dude... you need a bigger car!


JAS 11-17-2006 12:29 AM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral
Here are the weights of most everything. Thank you Vince for the chart. We are debating on making the canopy "solid" instead of a clear canopy. It would probably save close to 3ozs. I am missing a rudder/tank/Rx and Batt tray along with the couple little things from below for a final weight. Then I'm sure there are some odds and ends to, but it looks like about 10-10.25lbs. If anyone can think of something to add to the weight list, let me know. And the car works, without the box, just fine Derek. I remove 1 stab half and it slides right up the middle. Oh yea, the * are all weighed as one.

Fuselage 27 (only missing rudder servo tray/tank/batt/Rx trays. Gear plate, rear formers, rudder post and hinges, wings/stabs mounted and aligned, firewall installed)
Belly Pan 2.2
Canopy 4.5
Hatch 2.4
Right Stab 4.1
Left Stab 4.2
Rudder 2.1
Right Wing 14
Left Wing 14
9151 servo x2 3.6
9351 servo 2.2
3002 servo x2 2.6
5102 servo 0.7
Servo screws
200mm ext x4 0.4
400mm ext
1000mm ext x2 1
Futaba 149Rx 1.2
Futaba switch 0.4
Shulman Aviation 6V Reg 0.5
Thunder Power 2-cell 910 battery 1.7
Nose ring 0.1
Tank 24oz Du-Bro 3.1
Fuel line
Fuel dots
Fuel T's
Tru-Turn Jam nut*
Hyde Mount CR MKII*
Engine OS200 EFI* 41 (other * marked objects are included in this weight)
APC 17x13 4.2
Tru-Turn 3 1/4" Spinner Solid BP 2.9
Wing Tube 3.9
Stab Tube 0.4
Main wheels 0.9
Landing Gear 3.2
Wheel Pants 1
Tail Wheel

Total 149.50 ozs
Total lbs 9.34

JAS 11-17-2006 12:35 AM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral

The rudder is pinned with a streel rod (1.5mm or so) that just slides in a tube in the rudder and through the phenolic horns you see there on the rudder post. Bend a right angle in the rod and tape it on the bottom of the rudder so it doesn't go anywhere and you're set.


mtcarey 11-17-2006 06:18 AM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
Who makes this plane? Whats their website?

papaone 11-17-2006 07:01 AM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
It's Composite Arf

papaone 11-17-2006 07:13 AM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
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Int├ęgral is sold by ZNline

flyinghamiltons 11-17-2006 12:16 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
Hi Jason, thks for sharing the etails... keep them coming!

jonlowe 11-17-2006 03:32 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral



We are debating on making the canopy "solid" instead of a clear canopy. It would probably save close to 3ozs. \
That would be nice. Don't really see the purpose of a clear canopy when there is no one to look out of it! And 3 oz.? That's a no brainer!

Nice thread.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Jon Lowe

MHester 11-17-2006 03:37 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
3 ounces might be conservative unless the canopy is really light already....that is one BIG canopy!


JAS 11-17-2006 06:16 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
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Not much to report for today. A friend came over and we were rigging his Temptation so he could fly in Sportsman at Tangerine. But for fun I dropped the OS in the nose...

RC_Pattern_Flyer 11-17-2006 06:47 PM

RE: Composite-ARF Integral, kinda build thread
Hmm.. for fun Jason drops an OS 200 in the nose of his plane.. the rest of us ... we read for fun i guess.. haha! Jason, very nice plane, lok forward to seeing you fly this year as you make your run for the Worlds...

How weight could be lost w/o the EFI on the motor?


Chuck Hochhalter

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