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Profi 4000 or MC24 or Other


Old 04-09-2002, 04:08 PM
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Default Profi 4000 or MC24 or Other


Mainly a Scale soarer.
Planning to buy a new Radio, upgraded from old Futaba FF8.
Can anyone show me the diffs between 4000 and mc24?

1) 4000 claims true 12 channels, is mc24 also true 12 chans?
2) For mc24, what SPCM 20 / PCM 20 / PPM 24 /PPM 18 mean?
3) One great feature for 4000 is Multi-mix, does mc24 has a similar one?
4) Difference of two transmitters output power? 0.5W? Which has longer range?
5) What is mc24 Dual function (3D) differs from FF8 Dual Rate?
6) What is the impact on speed of A/D converter?
7) Any good with mc24 soft rom, can uprade software?
8) anymore??

Also, tech of MC22 is newer than MC24.
As I may know the following,
1) ADT for trimming
2) faster chip
3) anymore ??

Please give some ideas if you know. thanks.
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Old 04-09-2002, 06:28 PM
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Default Profi 4000 or MC24 or Other

Branco, as a diehard Multiplex-Fan I would say go with the mc4000, or wait till the new Royal Evo becomes available, which will also be available as a synthesized version.
Also, Multiplex offers the channel-check feature, which no other manufacturer does so far, to my knowledge.

To the mc-24 I can tell you this : I read some time ago on a german RC-Forum that a lot of people had problems with the TX, apparently there is/was a bug in the software. It won't show itself during flight, but on startup of the TX, when the software runs its self-check program, and the TX then simply won't work.
Only way to fix this was by sending the TX in for service.

And, on the Sinsheim show, Graupner came out with an upgrade of the software, for approx. $100.-, no word on availability yet. What frequency band do you use ?
I looked into graupners website, and there is no mention of the mc-24 being available on 72 MHZ, only 35, 40, and 41.

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Old 04-10-2002, 11:24 AM
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Default Profi 4000 or MC24 or Other

There are recent advertisements that
indicate that the MC24 IS available on
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Default Profi 4000 or MC24 or Other

I have the MC24 for a year and have no problem so far , its a good radio that alows you to do enithing , in europe there is also
Futaba FC 28. Al of those hi end radios gives you lots of freedom so I donīt think that you will miss enithing when you buy one of those, but I miss the digital trims on my MC24 as I hade JR 3810ADT before. Itīs all about personal taste.
The MC 24 is much better that the MC22 , MC22 is a development of JR 3810.
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Default MC 4000 or Royal EVO

I'm using the 4000, and it is the flagship of all TXs.
There is no other TX on the market today that can even come close to the 4000. Do you need all of this, probably not.
The Royal EVO coming out will also be a 9 channel radio or in the synthesize version, 12 channels.
The EVO is not as versatile as the 4000 but plenty anyway.
One big difference, the EVO will be a lot simply to program, and the price will also be less.
The EVO was developed also to enter a market where people don't like the tray system, even though you will be able to use it in Tray form. The MC 4000 on the other hand, was to be used mostly by tray.


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