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Re-use older transmitter?


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Default Re-use older transmitter?


I'm returning to the sport of R/C aviation after a 12 year hiatus (college/grad school/marriage etc...). Much of my old equipment was sold years ago to make room in the basement. However, a JR-Propo 6 channel Max Computer PCM transmitter remains. The batteries are dead, I don't have a charger and I don't have a flight pack that I could use to test the thing even if it were powered. This brings me to my questions:

First, is it generally necessary to send a transmitter that has not been used in a decade to the factory (or any user recommended shop) for re-tuning as well as replacement batteries? Or, can I just purchase a replacement NiCd pack and a charger and a receiver with the same frequency and not worry about the tuning?

Second, its a computer radio and the LCD is tiny. The computer controls don't appear to be complex, but I am wondering if anyone keeps or publishes the old JR radio manuals on the web?

Third, is there any special consideration I need to make before buying a flight pack to work with the radio? Obviously it needs to be on the same frequency, but will any 7 channel universal receiver work with the JR system? Do I have to specify a receiver with PCM or do they all do that now?

Lastly, the sticker on the back says 72.670 and the tags that I found near the radio say 44. Can anyone confirm that is 72.670 is actually channel 44?

Thank you in advance for considering these conundrums!

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Default Re-use older transmitter?

Nutty...72.670mhz is indeed channel 44. Yes you will need a "PCM" receiver to work with a PCM transmitter(the more common receivers are FM and not compatible).You will also have to match the coding byte (either 512 or 1024).I don't know if JR has used both in different radios or not (Current Futaba PCM radios are 1024 resolution,But they did sell at least one radio with 512 resolution and it won't work with their current receivers).
As to the question of retuning,That's a subject for debate. There are still folks that recommend having your radio tuned yearly. Other folks wouln't consider it unless they were wanting to change the frequency.Personally, I'm somewhere between the two extremes.I don't think modern electronics need retuning very frequently(the advent of silver mica, and tantalum capacitors greatly reduced frequency drift a couple decades ago).On the other hand 10 years is a long time, and lots of things (bumps,jostles, etc.) can happen in storage. The fact that you would consider the potential need to re tune, speaks well of your conscientious operation of your equipment."Do what it takes tomake you feel confidant in the equipment, and you'll be doing the right thing."
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