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Default RE: Brownouts....

This may have been due to the same cause that cropped up on some DX-6i 's.
The TX battery contacts can become intermittent, due to loss of spring tension.
The lesson learned is to re-bend them when you remove and replace batteries, and check
every once in a while. There were also some problems with some of the AR500 receivers.

Batteries, receivers, servos, and connectors.
Crimp connections on servo style connectors are a potential source of problems.
I did have one RX NMIH pack that had this problem.
With no current flowing, or voltage applied, "wet mating" connectors using "Golden Grain" alcohol
can use the wiping action of the contacts to improve the connection quality.

Adding capacitors can solve problems, and possibly create more, unless there is some sort of current limiting.

I did some testing using NMIH and NiCads, and basically, even "high quality" Sayno 2000mah cells don't
always provide the current and voltage you might expect. The results I had more or less showed that
a 2000mah battery can provide 2A of current capability with adequate voltage when fully charged.
With about a 50% charge, and an acceptable voltage output, the current capability drops to about 1/2,
or 1A.

ORIGINAL: ramboy

Over the past 2-3 years, several Hanger 9 Alpha trainers with the Spectrum DX5 transmitter have been lost to "brownouts" at my flying field. I do not think this is all due to undercharged batteries as many of the same pilots fly other transmitter brands without issue.
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