hello, what kind of pinion gear i need on this motor?
i want to upgrade my older byggy to brushless and use lipo 2s battery.
the pinion i have now is with 20T

Here is the details :

LEOPARD SKYRC 3300KV 12T Brushless Motor & 60A ESC Speed Controller Combo

Motor Specifications[/b]
Rotational Speed: 3300 KV
Turns of the Motor: 12T
Max. Amps: 35A
Resistance: 0.0225ohm
Motor Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 35.8mm x 50mm
Shaft Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 3.17mm x 15mm
Input Battery Types: NiCd / Nimh / Li-po Battery
Recommend Model: RC Model 1/10 Car
Net Weight: 172g