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First programmable radio. JR XP662


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Default First programmable radio. JR XP662

Hi guys. AS usual I'm going to rely on your expertise!

Getting ready to put up my second plane, GP Dazzler. Anyway, I've got a JR XP662 with all the goodies I could ever want. My question is how to set up my plane. I've got the flaperons, whereas you plug in left aileron servo into the aux. channel and with the push of a button, wa-laa, insta flaps. Woo Woo![sm=lol.gif] How much "flap" is necessary? There's quite a bit of deflection in these ailerons and I really don't want to hit the flap button for the first time and have the plane flip over on me. I'd like a reasonable suggestion to start with and then I'll fine tune things to my liking afterwards.

I've also gone ultra-conservative on my throws. (Second Plane) Any advice on mixing ailerons with elevator, aileron with rudder etc....?

Exponential, should I start with it or work my way into it as I progress? (Assuming I don't re-kit my Dazzler.[]

Speaking of the Dazzler, is it a reasonable second plane. I'd say I am doing reasonably well with my trainer. Flew this AM and it was a pretty gusty crosswind all morning. Stunts one mistake high don't bother me too much, dead stick quite often because I don't wanna come down but I run out of fuel. (Wish I could rubber-band the whole gallon on board!) Pretty confident with it.

Any advice would be appreciated. I find myself saying quite often when watching other R/C pilots: "They make it look easy." My goal is to have someone say that about my skills someday.

Thanks in advance for the help! [sm=wink.gif]
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Default RE: First programmable radio. JR XP662

I'd set the flap mix amount to 35% for a start. This should let your plane loop and turn tighter and land a little slower. You can go up from there after you try it out.

You have a switch option, and in this case, since you have a fixed gear plane, the gear switch is a good option for turning flaperons on and off.

Be careful taking off with flaps set down. Flaperons are OK for take off and can be fun. After you get used to your plane, hold full up and give full power and the plane will "elevator" off the ground. You'll need to neutralize the elevator quickly, but let the plane rotate to straight up, then continue the climb. This is assuming you have an engine in it that allows a vertical.

Down flaps on take off, set with a switch or knob, are very powerful and can cause your plane to attempt a loop just after take off. You end up holding a lot of down elevator to control the plane while feeling for the flap switch or knob.
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