Hey there everybody!!!!!

I don't know how many of you have seen that we are running a thread titled "If I ran RCU..." in the "The Clubhouse" forum. What we are looking for with this thread is feedback from the members on features they would like to see in an upgrade of RCU. We started the thread in "The Clubhouse" and we posted an announcement site wide, but so far we have had few responses in the thread. My boss at Internet Brands asked my why we had low numbers and my guess to him was very few people actually go into "The Clubhouse" forum anymore. In addition, few people actually even come into RCU through the front page of the site as well. My answer to him was to post in each of the larger/more active forums on RCU and ask the members to please go and contribute to the thread and help us improve RCU. Our plans to improving RCU are meant to help you, the members, so that is why we are looking for your input to the process. So please visit this thread and let us know what you think.


Thanks for helping us out.


P.S. I am locking this thread after I post this as we don't want any of the posts here. We want all posts in the thread indicated above. Thanks for understanding.