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Help with Futaba Receiver!!


Old 10-11-2003, 11:47 AM
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Default Help with Futaba Receiver!!

Just lost a good friend. My Sig Somethin Extra!!!! :-(

Reason I lost my dear friend lies with this stupid little black box that Futaba puts out!!! During flight, the airplane just nosed over and went into the ground (full throttle, but from only about 20 feet.) The culprit to this truel harific catastrophy was that my receiver attena broke about 1/4 inch from the receiver housing.

Well, my problem is that I want to use my radio again. If nothing else to beat it into the ground after I get it working so it knows my pain first hand!!!

I have a couple questions. Being I am wanting to use the receiver again, I knwo that I have to replace the attena. Problem here is Futaba told me to expect about a $50.00 chage to relpace it cause I am out of waruntee! YUCK!!! I know that all I have to do is to undo the solder holding the attena to the board and resolder another attena onto it. My delimma with this is 2 fold.
Can I use any type of small wire, or do I need to use a specific attena wire??? Also, if I can use any wire, sugestions on length and type would be great!!!
Secondly in this matter, will this new attena be reliable??? I am thinking of using it in an electric park flyer, or maybe even putting it back into another glow airplane.

I am a little nervous about this because I can't afford to lose another good airplane.

By the way, the Extra I lost was built from kit and was my best flying airplane in the hangar! :-(
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Old 10-11-2003, 12:57 PM
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Default RE: Help with Futaba Receiver!!

The antenna is probably the least of your problems and; if the only one, easy to fix. Just solder any 39 to 41 inch piece of flexable wire to the place the antenna connects to the printed circuit board. Use any stranded flexable wire of 24 to 20 gauge, most hobby shops carry spare antenna wires and you can also get them from several sources on the web. However, a crash like you had most probaly cracked the crystal and/or the ceramic filtor within the receiver. If the unit doesn't work (or is intermittent under vibration) after you replace the antenna, put in a new crystal. If that doesn't solve your problem, you will have to send it to an authorized repair shop for service or buy a new receiver. There are a number of places to buy good aftermarket receivers. I have had exceptionally good luck with FMA's receivers but there are others available.
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