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Futaba 7C - Programming mixes


Old 04-19-2004, 07:30 PM
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Default Futaba 7C - Programming mixes

Just purchased the 7C to be used with a Top Flight DC3. Manual is very difficult to understand and non-intuitive. I want to do the following but cant figure out how:

1 I want to control flaps with the 3-position switch. Up no flaps, middle take off flaps, down landing flaps.
2 I want to be able to have the two throttle servos on separate channels, 3 and 7. I want to be able to start one engine and adjust it. Then, after that engine running, I want to program a mix to set running engine at idle no matter what the throttle stick position is with the stick controlling the other engine. Then, when engine is set up and running properly, I want the stick to control both engines.

The instructions don't come close to explaining how to do this. Can anyone help??
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Old 04-28-2004, 04:50 AM
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Default RE: Futaba 7C - Programming mixes

Surfing through this forum I see an unanswered question, and give it a try. At first I think there were no answers because it can't be done (throttle question, that is--flaps question seems straightforward). But could this not work? Two throttle channels, one master, one slave; slave is mixed to master via a switch on or off. Let's say Right engine ch 3 (master), Left engine ch 7 (slave).

1. Radio on, throttle stick high idle, mix switched on; start Left engine, get it going right, then idle down with throttle stick.
2. Mix switch off; Left engine on slave channel now disconnected from throttle stick, servo should not move.
3. Start Right engine, which is on master channel, throttle up & down, get it right, then throttle down to idle.
4. Mix switch on, now both Master and Slave channels respond to throttle stick.

I have never fooled with twin engine servos, but my logical mind thinks this should work. Now let the experts take it from here.

You're right about the manual. You sorta have to know what you're doing before start reading. I'm sure it's technically correct, but not what I would call user-friendly. I used to think I was technically ept to some degree, but it took me a year of putzing around to learn enough to mix creatively on my 8U, and that's with the help of the two after-market books. But I will say it works great when you finally learn it!
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