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Has anyone tried PCM and PA-2 Failsafe.


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Default Has anyone tried PCM and PA-2 Failsafe.

I cut/pasted this from the Futaba website. Has anyone tried it? It looks good on paper.

Can I use the PA2 in conjunction with FailSafe on my PCM transmitter to help protect my airplane in the event of interference?
Absolutely! This is an excellent safety idea. The failsafe feature, if set to continue the last command, will often keep your model in the loop or straight flight it was last doing, but unfortunately, sometimes it will keep your model in a precarious situation you didn't want it locked into. By using the PA2 in combination with preset positions on the failsafe settings, you can help ensure your model will go to level flight at slow but safe airspeeds and hopefully safely ride out the interference.

To set up the failsafe for this combination, we recommend the following:

First, please remember that you must be using a PCM RX and be in PCM programming. Your PCM must have programmable fail safe setups.

Second, fly the aircraft and turn the gain up on the PA2 until you find the maximum setting it can be at before the plane starts to 'hunt' or 'waggle' because the gain is set to high. Have your spotter notice where the dial is set at that time.

Now, land the aircraft and set up the programming so that the PA2 is brought up to that maximum gain setting, throttle is set at a safe high idle for flight, and all other surfaces go to neutral.

For example, doing so on the 8U super is as follows:

Press the 2 basic keys
Scroll up (top left button) until you get to F/S for failsafe.
Tthe screen reads AIL NORM.
Press the - key to change this to the current stick/trim position, and press the set keys (right end keys)
Cursor over to elevator (top center key)
Press the - key and set keys to store
Cursor over to throttle, press - key, position your throttle stick to where you want it, roughly 1/4 stick, and press the set keys (recommendation: fly the model first, and find the lowest throttle setting it can safely fly at. Set the failsafe to this for minimum fuel usage and minimum distance traveled during a short lock out.)
Cursor over to rudder, press the - key, and the set keys
Cursor over to gear and, if you have anything working from this channel, set it to a trimmed hands off position and press the set keys
Cursor over to flap. if you are using flaperons, you must also set this to 0 or one aileron will remain in its last position while the other returns to neutral. press the - key and set key.
Cursor over to channel 7, assuming this is where your PA2 gain is plugged in. Press - key and then turn the channel 7 knob back to the same position you had it in when you were in flight with maximum possible gain. press the set keys.
Before you fly, test this combination on the ground. Have a helper hold the (not running) aircraft off the ground in a non-level attitude. Put in some aileron inputs as if you were going to roll it even further, not correct it. Now turn the TX off. Your RX will maintain the last inputs given for a set amount of time, then will go to your failsafe. The ailerons, elevator and rudder should go to neutral very briefly, then the PA2 should correct your elevator and aileron. Try having the helper move the plane around, and be sure the PA2 is correcting it properly.

Also check that the throttle is about where you would like it to be on the ground with the helper securely holding the aircraft in case the engine races.

Once you're confident its all functioning as you desired, happy flying!
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