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flight packs


Old 08-18-2004, 10:49 PM
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Default flight packs

Hi everybody.

I am looking for a new flight pack for a new airlane and i started to get confused.

I have an airteonics vanguard 400 4 chennal radio with micro reciever and micro servos. And I THINK it is working on low rates??? It is not a computer radio.

now when i choose my new service pack do i have to use same brand stuff or if i get any reciever will it work lets say hitec. i need a suggestion about a reliable micro reciever for 1/2a planes and i need range.

and about the crystals; my old plane has a crystal right. and so the tx. so if i buy a crystal at same frequency then i could control both planes with my tx without switching crystals. im currently on channel 51 and i cant find a 51 channel crystal on tower.

edit: What are other sites that sells service packs for cheap?

I bought my complete radio setup with 3 micro servos, battaries, charger and other accesories for 130 or something like that. Now for an airtronics flight pack with only 2 micro servos and a reciever but nothing else they ask 124 dollars. well i could buy a new complete radio for this much money!

i know its too much questions at a time but any help would be apritiated.
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Old 08-22-2004, 02:25 AM
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Default RE: flight packs

Low rates and high rates; dual rates; are a function of a computer transmitter. You have one rate....high. You can change your throws with your linkage.

I fly all of my planes on the same frequency. So the answer is yes you can. If you absolutly cant find 51 buy 1 tx and 2 rx that match.
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Default RE: flight packs

If you want to use the Vanguard transmitter, you will need to buy Airtronics , or you can buy a Hitec set-up that is on the Airtronics "shift". JR equipment is also on the same shift as Airtronics and will work with you transmitter.
The reason for the the higher prices on a "micro" pack is due to size. A lot of micro electronics are more expensive than standards.
I am sure that Tower , or anyone who sells radio equipment has all the frequency crystals available, even if they don't show them. You can call and get it. If you are located in the US, you cannot legally change the crystal in an aircraft transmitter yourself. You can have it changed and retuned by a qualified radio shop. Has something to do with matching the transmitter to the crystal to prevent interference with other radio equipment near your channel.
Some other online hobby dealers with radio equipment a:
http://www.aeromicro.com/ (lots of electric and small micro equipment)
That should keep you busy for a while.
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