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Mixing elevator halves w/ JR Tx


Old 08-23-2004, 11:27 AM
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Default Mixing elevator halves w/ JR Tx

I'm using a 9X, but am guessing my issue would apply to the 10X as well. I have a standard mix with EL as master and Aux2 or Aux3 as slave (forgot which one, and don't have it with me here at work). There's an option in the mix screen for Original or Normal, which affects how trim and expo work on the slave channel. When I select one (again, forgetting which one), the trim only works on the master channel. When I select the other, expo doesn't work on the slave channel.

Is there any way to get both expo and trim to work simultaneously on the slave channel? Also, I can't get the throws to match on all three triple rates. I tried to set it at 3D rates, figuring any difference would be magnified. When I do that, the throws don't match on the two lower rates.

Many thanks for any advice.
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Old 08-23-2004, 12:47 PM
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Default RE: Mixing elevator halves w/ JR Tx

Not sure about the 9x, but on the 10x its easy - from the "wing type" menu select the dual elevator function and use the Elevator and Aux3 channels. Both channels will then act the same. Make sure you inhibit the Aux 3 channel switch or rotary control.

The above only works if you have minimum 8 channel RX

If you are not using a 8ch + RX, it can still be done using standard channel-channel mixing .. I do this with a PCM R770R receiver (JR) with ease as well. All functions on the elevator channel are tied 100% proportionally to the Aux channel. I usually have to play with offset and include functions. I also inhibit the aux channel switch (usually gear) ...

Actually, the manual is very good at explaining it. I more or less experimented until I got it right before I even looked at the manual.

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