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Optic 6 CROW Defect


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Default Optic 6 CROW Defect


In a desperate attempt to find a way of using my Optic 6 safely with ch 5 aileron output, I tried using CROW after I noticed in the instruction manual that this program feature also uses ch 5 for 2nd aileron. It assigns ch 6 to flap actuation & obviously requires a 6 channel Rx if you want the full "crow" configuration. This looked promising until I tried aileron trim. I found to my disappointment that the primary aileron trim only works on the right aileron (ch 1) with CROW active & the known defective ADIF inhibited!!! Here's the clinker: To get normal aileron trim operation the user must also activate ADIF!! This, of course, exposes the CROW user to the possible Tx seizure already associated with ADIF.

I thought that CROW was included as a primary & much requested improvement over the Eclipse. I believe that most airplane fliers still want balanced aileron trim, in fact it may be more essential in a high drag CROW deployment. From the comments on the forums at large many people seem to dismiss the ADIF defect as not affecting their usage of this Tx. Now what about those that bought this Tx for CROW?? Seems like someone in HiTec design ought to be preparing to eat crow!! ....with chopsticks, of course.

I have requested that this bug be immediately addressed & its remedy be included in the firmware rewrite which I hope is soon to begin. One other observation related to the CROW feature. The manual says that the "SET" value which appears when you open CROW should be "around +125%". In my case it was +115%. I recall my Eclipse being way off on this parameter also & presume this is OK.

Did any real RC fliers wring out this Tx through all its options & ranges before they hit the shores in volume?

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