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Buddy box on 50 MZ


Old 07-15-2005, 02:46 PM
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Default Buddy box on 50 MZ

Hi everyone,
I know the FCC won't allow anyone without a license to operate a TX on 6 meters, even when "closely supervised". I was wondering about the use of a buddy box, if the master TX is on 50 MZ. Since the license holder is controlling the master TX, and the student on the buddy box is only sending the stick signals to the master TX, and therefore not transmitting anything, would there be a violation of the FCC regulations.
My initial reaction would be yes, since the student is ultimately transmitting on 50 MZ with the "permission" of the license holder, which is not allowed.
Someone asked me and I am not sure of the answer so I wanted to post the question here.
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Old 07-16-2005, 12:48 PM
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Default RE: Buddy box on 50 MZ

Sadly, you're gonna run into a STINKER of an FCC rule...

Dear F106A:

The PIPE Here once more...and if you check the existing thread at http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_17..._1/key_/tm.htm , you'll find that "aresti2004" has already asked about THAT one...

...and that you AND him will be running into a STINKER of a STUPID rule that the FCC has thrown up in your path!

There's a LOT of details of that rule, AND its TOTAL stupidity, at that two-page thread...my comments on it are there as well...and I AM hoping to get something going on a movement within the AMA and ARRL to petition the FCC to get their stinker of a rule REPEALED !!!

I'm exclusively a KNOBBY Tx flyer...

...thankfully, to show OTHERS about the merits [and those DO exist!] of switching to a single stick "knobby" setup, I DO still have a pair of Ace RC Silver Seven knobby radios (one of them is in both of those above photos) which I built a quarter of a century ago, and that only need new joysticks in them (their KNOBS are all right) to get them usable once more...and I've even got new, FMA and Jensen Jet Models "retrofit" 72 MHz RF decks to use in each one of them, for eventual, and fully LEGAL with the FCC, non-Ham single stick "orientation" training flight usage via the buddy box method on 72 MHz.

Some of the "last produced" knobby radios from Futaba, Sanwa (Airtronics in North America) and JR from the late 1980s and very early 1990s can be used with an RC computer flightsim, like Ikarus Aerofly, to get used to flying with a knobby radio, before trying it at the field with a "real" RC aircraft...someone in the NEW AMA District I (New England) hierarchy that came in at the beginning of this calendar year is planning to do JUST that, and I'm helping them try to get a knobby radio of that vintage for that endeavor at this time...

...but getting RID of the STINKER rule the FCC has thrown up in ALL our paths would be even NICER, believe me...

...just check that linked thread here at RCU!!!

Yours Sincerely,

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