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On Is Off And Off Is On ?


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Default On Is Off And Off Is On ?

I just extricated a toy 3-channel r/c system from a fireboat to put it in another hull.

Running great...the water-cannon channel's confused though!

It's supposed to be

Click ON button: water cannon comes on and stays on.

Click OFF button: water cannon quits and stays stopped.

I tested each stick and button before disassembling the donor boat.

I still have this functionality in the recipient--except now the OFF button starts that third channel and ON stops it. With a meter, I see the output ramp smoothly up to 8 - 9 volts each time I press OFF, then back to 0 when I've pressed ON. Amps output (10A and 200mA ranges)--0 Amps. Battery charge is fresh.

Reversed leads wouldn't really explain this turnabout.

I didn't modify the board itself, although it's hooked up to a different set of motors, and instead of its 9.6 v battery pack it's running on 8 AA cells.

Anybody seen this before ?
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Default RE: On Is Off And Off Is On ?

the channel is obviously reversed. In programmable radios this is simply a matter changing a setting. Don't simply reverse the leads. that will burn it up. The control function is not a matter of changing voltage. Though I'm not familiar with your exact radio I'm assuming it had 3 leads. plus, minus and a control lead. if it does then you can get one of these
[link=http://www.aeromicro.com/Catalog/dionysus_design_servo_reverser_3975198.htm]servo reverser[/link]
if not then their using some weird control scheem.
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